Why Do Russia And China Love Each Other?
Why Do Russia And China Love Each Other?
Why Do Russia And China Love Each Other?. Russia and China - love forever. Happy Birthday, Pu. Please schedule next contest for Putin's birthday break in Siberia – in pictures
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Please schedule next context for Freaking News - "Putin's birthday break in Siberia" see link Putin's birthday break in Siberia – in pictures
Intriguing Amorous Choppage. Well Done, Andrew.
Lol picture on the wall, looks real.

Funny Why are Syrians sending love letters to you?

Why are Syrians sending love letters to you?

Funny Saint Peter, why did you take the newcomer's clothes? I won it.

Saint Peter, why did you take the newcomer's clothes? I won it.
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Great take on his destination Wanderer congrats 👍🏼
Great take on his destination Wanderer congrats 👍🏼

Funny Why So Serious...?

Why So Serious...?
DC comic make-overs seem to be trending. Most Sources
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you're not serious, you added a smiley.love that texture/painting thing you got going here. also the rat in the corner is a great detail.
Thank you Crafty, Hobbit and Jeremix. ...He's a hungry opportunistic rat. He'd make a good politician.
Seriously a great chop even if I'm not sure about batman's chest shadow.
The bats win. Congrats on a fine chop and win. Delightfully fragmented
Picture of the month imo. like it was painted by a very twisted angel.
Gold Congrats B.. Had fun just locating source images. (Serious Compositing)..
Thanks Guys. Gummy. Bats in his belfry. Thanks, Newsy. Lu. When ever I'm not sure, I call it close enough. Hits, Yes... Bats do rule this week. Thanks Jere. I like it...Twisted-Angel, Prince of Darkness...ect. Thank you very much, Uncle-C... Compost.. Seriously. and thanks for the faves guys.
Compositing Splatz. That was a Serious spelling error.
Thanks, Gumster. ...I liked it UC. In a strange way it fits.
Thanks, Bob. I was fortunate. There were some really great images in this field of entries.
Congrats on the gold SplatShot,this is one seriously awesome chop
Thanks Andwhat, SK9, and John. And thanks for all the High scores everybody.

Funny Why Russians left Syria? Because he had a bad dream!

Why Russians left Syria? Because he had a bad dream!
Why Putin withdrawing Russian forces from Syria.

Funny Obama Understands Why Putin Wears Boots

Obama Understands Why Putin Wears Boots
Lets chat over a nice cuppa
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Nice Mutual understanding between both Nice job
....putin is very upset because obama footwear not clean

Funny Why America is in Afghanistan

Why America is in Afghanistan
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Love the play on words and the composition
Congrats on the wood news1st. great work.
Good idea news, I like this one, it makes me feel sleepy
The Coup D’E tat of the United States Press Red 'X' Society·Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by Tracy Mapes SACRAMENTO,California--In America, it has long been held that there is a sacred bond between the United States Government, and the People of the United States. That bond is the unbendable document called the Constitution of the United States, and, as I am about to embark, this bond has been broken by the Corruption of Our Central Bodies of Government, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Agency, and the Press. This means that while Americans have been kept busy with the non-essential, info-tainment of the Press, both Print and Broadcast, these bodies along with all key positions in the Government of the United States, have been subverted and replaced with loyalist Felons and Street Prostitutes as legitimate Journalists, Political Appointees, Judges, and even Entertainment Personnel. This means that along with the Silent Subversion of the 1st Amendment of Our Constitution, a facade of disinformation has cloaked the atrocity with unfounded fears of the necessity to increase the National Security risks assessed to convince the Citizens of the United States that loss of their personal freedoms, restriction on travel, and the production of “Fake News” in warranted to maintain the Secrecy of the Criminal Enterprise Our Government has become. I became aware of this situation in quite an unconventional manner. As I have described over the past 8 years, to United States Government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Congress, the United States Senate, and News Media alike, without material response, I met over 150 Pimps, Prostitutes, and Individuals involved in criminal acts in the related to the before mentioned street crimes on the streets of Sacramento, California during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Since my involvement with these persons over a 7 year period, 2 of the persons involved in narcotics use and prostitution have become Presidents of the United States of America. With the addition of a First Lady, a Supreme Court Justice, State Senator, City Mayor, and County District Attorney of Sacramento, there are nearly 150 persons that have been placed, appointed, hired, or infiltrated into the Newsrooms of America. One could look at this as a miracle of some great proportion, but in fact, the pattern sings of racketeering, espionage, and the criminal manipulation of All Avenues of Control and Command of the United States Government and the Media. And, after engaging in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America ...I find this UN-Acceptable. The Red ‘X’ Society was formed as an Idea, to redress this wrong, and hold those accountable for this Horrific Tragedy of United States Government Miss-Management, and urge All Americans to display the Red ‘X’ until this matter is resolved in accordance with the written word of the U.S. Constitution. Red 'X' Society sacramentovalleynews.com

Funny Why Obama Selected Joe Biden

Why Obama Selected Joe Biden
Clinton backers split over Biden as VP choice
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Does anyone else think Joe Biden looks like Jack Sheppards father on LOST.

Funny Why not

Why not
Yes, it's dehydrated ...

Funny Why

Martin Luther King asks a simple question.

Funny Why, Mom, Why?

Why, Mom, Why?
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of mother and son (image credit: Ed Yourdon) any way you wish. Some examples are - changing the kid for someone else, showing what other tricks this mom is capable of, designing a poster with the mom and her son, using the mother and son in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" is one of the oldest joke riddles in English language, and it's sill popular these days. Every year the riddle continues to get modern answers, some are quite entertaining. This one is my favorite: CAPTAIN KIRK: To boldly go where no chicken has gone before. Photoshop any version (yours, or taken from some sources like the link above) of the answer to "Why did the chicken cross the road?". Here's a good example by Oldman. We have a good chicken source too, or you are welcome to use any other chicken sources.

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