Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer
Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer
Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer. Liquefied Paul It started out as a tribute to Paul but the source was terribly grainy. So I did what the only sane thing. I liquefied him. Then it became an evolving doodle. Over time it found a reason to become a legitimate chop, but only when I realized that even alien races must have developed gag buzzers at least once in their evolution. This is a reminder to never forget there is a ten year old kid in you that loved this sort of silliness. Stay young my friends
Member reactions:
Awesome work Hit,my favorite in this competition.Congrats on the silver
... And now we know where they originated. Congrats on the Silver.
Thank you Bob, Andwhat, Luciano and Swashbuckle. It came out pretty cool considering the face was a construct in the end. Took a lot of tuning, this one. Was fun
Fantastic ALIEN, as always TOP WORK. Congrats.....
Loved your entry, very nicely done Congrats
This an awesome entry from The Maste. Our marvelous Tim. Congratulations on your Silver Win
Thanks Newsy, Chris, Robb...we try to please

Funny Whoopie Goldberg in the Army

Whoopie Goldberg in the Army

Funny Whoopie Goldberg Playing For the Celtics

Whoopie Goldberg Playing For the Celtics
Whoopie's wandering ways.
Member reactions:

Funny General Whoopie Goldberg

General Whoopie Goldberg
Member reactions:
Excellent work, though there's some extra dark area under the chin

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Invents the Whoopie Cushion

Leonardo Da Vinci Invents the Whoopie Cushion
Who knew Leonardo was actually the one who invented the infamous "Whoopie Cushion." It makes a "fart" sound when someone sits on it.
Member reactions:
This totally rocks. Never thought the vitruvian man could be used in such twisted manner, hahaha.
Congrats on the wood, you woody-man, you.
Thanks, Newsy. "Takes a Woody Man to know a Woody Man." .

Funny Jay-Z's Baby Looks Like Whoopie

Jay-Z's Baby Looks Like Whoopie
Jay-Z will definitely have DNA testing done.
Member reactions:
This is a good reason to use birth control....
Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric.
Holy cow, very funny. And look how proud the new mom looks. Yikes.
nice freaky child, but why Jay-z is crying
Thanks, Steve. rajeshstar, he's crying because he can't believe this freaky child could be his.
Double YIKES. This is like a recurring nightmare in my brain.
Thanks, eric. Thanks, subhraj1t. Thanks G-Man.
very funny, i bet the baby like her grandma.

Funny Whoopie Goldberg Big Mouth

Whoopie Goldberg Big Mouth
Member reactions:
Ahh, excellent stitching work. Veins are a nice touch too
hitsssssssssss congrats this it a great technique
Thanks all. I have no idea what this is doing in the wood pile. There are so many others more deserving. This one was just an, oh he-ll, alright I'll do something but it's going to be fast and simple. I am utterly amazed it placed above what I consider far superior chops. This contest rocked with talent.
oh hitman ... totally craked ... this must get gold man ... well done teacher congrats and keep up great works
It's the lips that make it so.... freaky/funny. Congrats on 4th.
She's still totally recognisable... very cool image Hitster.
Thanks again and welcome back Mr. Funkwood.

Funny Whoopie

Whoopie Goldblade.....

Funny Whoopie Goldberg Wedding

Whoopie Goldberg Wedding
She loves him because he makes her laugh. Wonder why she didn't wear white to the wedding. Please view full size.
Member reactions:
Great job..
I love that "see the pics page 57" thing... Great image. and darn,... the baby looks just like the father
you should have played up the secret love child picture more. the big "enquirer" style could have been pulled off successfully, but it didn't work as well. plus, the marriage isn't so odd since both are comedians.
Hahaha. Funny and a lot of hard work, here.
Maybe the reason the "Secret love child" wasn't played up more is because the entry is supposed to be about an odd marriage and not the child resulting of it. It would have been "off" to play up that. I like it.

Funny Whoopie Goldberg Upside Down

Whoopie Goldberg Upside Down

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