Pea Brain Whoopi
Pea Brain Whoopi
Pea Brain Whoopi.

Funny Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg
Member reactions:
Hahahahahahahahaah, great expression on Trump.

Funny February The 14th the Day For Making Whoopi

February The 14th the Day For Making Whoopi
Sister Whoopi and Jason Valentines
Member reactions:
Thank you Crafty, Luciano, Elegary, Andwhat, Andrew, Bob and Nanny.
Excellent poster work, Hits. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Morgan Freeman Hugging Whoopi Goldberg

Morgan Freeman Hugging Whoopi Goldberg

Funny Michelle Obama And Whoopi Goldberg as Male Basketballers

Michelle Obama And Whoopi Goldberg as Male Basketballers
Member reactions:
Great Job but a little to heavy on the sweat.
Thanks, Swashbuckle, G-Man, Nanny, luciano and Newsy.
Actually I thought it needed to have the covered sweat added back in, Mainly on whoopee. But other than that is has real pro written over it

Funny Whoopi Goldberg with a Beard

Whoopi Goldberg with a Beard
Member reactions:
What did you do To My Whoopi. Excellent Job..
Looks totally real. Congrats on the silver, luciano.

Funny Mick Jagger as Whoopi Goldberg

Mick Jagger as Whoopi Goldberg
Mick Jagger and Tina Turner Video... ~Brown Sugar~.... Hum...Belly Intelesting... Mick just seems to age differently than most. Whoopi Jagger...she may already be a star...I'd like to see her moves...
Member reactions:
Thanks NewsMaster... Whoopi Jagger, She just keeps developing....
Whoopi Jagger, One thing is for sure he/she would tell it like it is. Great work hidden.
Thanks Gummy. Didn't I see you earlier on in the contest. Yeah..that's right. Say Gummy if your out looking for your teeth I spotted them. They are on page one. Thanks Paul. I always thought it wouldn't hurt Mick to put a little more weight on those bones.
Thanks hidden, I found them but they taste like ****
Extremely different look given to him.... nice way showing him 70th Birthday
Great version of Mick n Whoop all nashed together.
Thanks Geri, Raj, and U-Champ. Champ, it may be a Whoopi/Jagger original.
Thanks Much Gugulanul. Thanks Paul. Got Floss. Termite food for me again...
Congratulations on getting into the winners circle S.S. You did a masterful job..
Expertly done and I realized that Mick probably is just one chromosome away from a black guy, heck, he's got enough soul. But his features do lend themselves pretty easy it seems. You got wood over this ..... well done
Much Appreciated Champ, and Hit-man. This was a fun chop.
Thank muy much N-Master Muchas Thanks Wanderer

Funny Whoopi Goldberg as Wonder Woman Catches Barack Obama

Whoopi Goldberg as Wonder Woman Catches Barack Obama
Member reactions:
With a mouth as big as her hips; nice work.
Nice Work Whoppi you have your lasso around the true criminal in the act. Oh Yeah..Very Comical Cop Hidden *~~*
Very funny great to see the FN Logo on the wall, well merged looks real and Obama and his neck thread its really awesome good work on shadows also
What took you so long. I have been waiting for a chuckle. Funny as usual.
Thanks, G-Man. What took you so long to figure out it was mine.

Funny Whoopi Goldberg Doll

Whoopi Goldberg Doll
Member reactions:
HA. I guess this is the "Thin Whoopi" version. Great caricature. Great job on the background as well. I'd darken her legs, though.

Funny Whoopi Goldberg Holds Rosie O'Donnell at Gunpoint

Whoopi Goldberg Holds Rosie O'Donnell at Gunpoint
Member reactions:
Is there some reason Whoopi's done as a caricature and not Rosie.
I think Rosie is already a living caricature to start with. This is brilliant, to say the least.
Thanx everyone Pcrdds: as newsy said, rosi is a caricature her self, so, there is no need to twist her any more + whoopi is not that much of caricature. dressing as a nun will pop up ur cheeks any way.. I just focused on this .. and the Eyebrows. sometimes sources features doesn't help u expressing ur idea. so u have to create them. I would call it CHOPCATURE
Congrats Salis, excellent pic and great dark humor
Congrats Salis...fantastic work like alwaysI love the facial expression on whoppi and rosie...

Funny Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg
Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg is turning 55 this Saturday. She made her film debut as the strikingly memorable Celie in The Color Purple. And a mere 5 years later, she wins top actor honors with an Oscar for her portrayal of Oda Mae Brown in Ghost. Whether on the couch speaking politics and current issues with the ladies of The View, or working on her latest film... she is an undeniable force in Hollywood. Whoopi was the first one to say “Get rich or die trying”, she inspired people like 50 cent and Barack Obama, and she made people believe that they can change their lives. She is one of only ten individuals who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award. She is the second African American female performer to win an Academy Award for acting (the first being Hattie McDaniel). She has won two Golden Globe Awards. In conclusion, we present you with the quote which explains how Caryn Elaine Johnson became "Whoopi Goldberg": "A woman said to me, "If I was your mother, I would have called you Whoopi, because when you're unhappy you make a sound like a whoopee cushion." Happy Birthday Whoopi! To celebrate the 55th anniversary of Whoopi Goldberg, photoshop her any way you wish.

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