Hi American proletarian, Do you know where's Trump's house here?
Hi American proletarian, Do you know where's Trump's house here?
Hi American proletarian, Do you know where's Trump's house here?. Kim Jong Un: "Hi American proletarian, Do you know where is Trump's house here."

Funny Where's Alice?

Where's Alice?
Member reactions:
excellent job... Like the way insects and toad is used to impress that flower good one
Congrats on the Gold and Bronze.
Thank you very much, colleagues. I wish all creative successes

Funny Where's Funkwood Been?

Where's Funkwood Been?
Of course Funkwood's chop is used with permission.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Wood, Gummy. Funky Idea and Cool tribute to FW.
Well done , Gummy. Congrats on a fine chop and win

Funny Google Latitude Where's Waldo

Google Latitude Where's Waldo
Member reactions:
Very well done good view of Earth's Population

Funny Sweden Where's Waldo

Sweden Where's Waldo
Member reactions:
Is that cloning round his armpits. Perhaps needs a bit of tweaking...otherwise looks good.

Funny Where's Nancy Pelosi Book

Where's Nancy Pelosi Book

Funny Kevin Bacon in Dude, Where's my Car?

Kevin Bacon in Dude, Where's my Car?
Kevin's been making fun of his current employment status, so why can't we.
Member reactions:
Brilliant concept. The "Car (eer)" is a great twist. Kevin's face needs some sharpening though (or use a higher resolution source for his face)
Kevin Bacon has like 60 movies under his belt. He is one of the most recognized American actors. I wouldn't call him a "former movie star". He did four films last year and has 3 films in production. And Kyra has a hit TV show. Sorry but Bacon is one of my favs.
thx for the critique NewsMaster - I'm a noob to the competition. I actually tried to soften his face due to the soft/washed out look to the other faces in the poster. Shrinking the image quality to fit the 250KB also darkened his face a bit too i noticed. I'm slowly learning, but thx for the kudos.
jerrylambert - i likewise am a fan of Kevin's, and if you caught his guest appearances on Will and Grace, he often poked fun at his 'former' movie star status. I was just playing off of his jokes with this entry - and added Kyra in the background of the poster to poke fun at the old saying that TV is where former movie stars go when their movie career is over. (holly hunter, anthony michael hall, etc). I like them both. Kudos to them staying together this long in Hollywood too...
It does seem that a lot of movie stars are turning to TV lately. You can use the dodge tool to lighten his face but I would also sharpen it a bit.

Funny Dude Where's My Virginity?

Dude Where's My Virginity?

Funny Donald Trump in Dude, Where's My Car?

Donald Trump in Dude, Where's My Car?
Dude.. Sweeet. DUDE...
Member reactions:
This one cracks me up. "where's my tower". It just hit me: Donny should be saying it.

Funny Where's Harvey the Rabbit

Where's Harvey the Rabbit
For those who remember "Harvey".

Funny Where's Putin?

Where's Putin?
An old photo from 1988 made news this week. The photo shows U.S. President Ronald Reagan meeting Russian tourists on Red Square in Moscow. The "tourists" turned out to be disguised KGB members and their families, and one of them (the funny guy on the left) was none other than Vladimir Putin (then a KGB colonel) - so says Pete Souza who took the picture. Mr. Souza now works as the U.S. President Barack Obama's official photographer. Prove that Putin appeared unexpectedly in many famous and historical (and not so historical) photos and paintings. Here's a good example (you will soon see the author).

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