Joystick Interface For Electirc Wheelchair
Joystick Interface For Electirc Wheelchair
Joystick Interface For Electirc Wheelchair. Don't get up; play your favourite games with the joystick of your electric wheelchair. Just connect our cable.
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So you're 74 and you're confined to a wheelchair. You are so LUCKY

Funny Hillary Clinton Pushing Bill in a Wheelchair

Hillary Clinton Pushing Bill in a Wheelchair

Funny Gary Busy Wheelchair Racing in Hospital

Gary Busy Wheelchair Racing in Hospital
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Go Gary, Go. Excellent touch with the wheel sparks.
Pretty good. I'm a little curious where you found the stock Image for the wheelchair race.
Here's the source image used cfc..... It's an Austrian Ad for ceramic wall panels (I think )
great work on the source image with nice merge of the faces to it and what is the race for ...
Thanks. Looks like a great site for inspiration and source images.
To find pics, open another window to google pictures,left clink on pic,drag to google and search.
Your Right cfc, great site. Thanks for the link Mac-WF. Cool Idea HoHouse. Nice Job. I just right click the picture and use this addon to the Firefox browser. who-stole-my-pictures works great.
Nice one Ho,extremely great and impressive work.Gary buesy is perfect for this chop.I think i spelled his last name wrong
Oooh, I didn't know you could drag the pics into goog image for the tip Hohouse

Funny Wheelchair Handball Team

Wheelchair Handball Team

Funny Lance Armstrong in a Wheelchair

Lance Armstrong in a Wheelchair

Funny Old Sean Connery in a Wheelchair

Old Sean Connery in a Wheelchair
Poor Sean...Happy birthday...We did not forget you. We love you...
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James Old Geezer Bond. many clever details here.
My fav. in the contest. Congrats Iboudesign.
The pierceD Brosnan and Daniel Craig homages are a riot. Nice to see drawings actually getting some decent votes of late. If I'd have seen the new trend coming I would have gotten that Wacom tablet I have been threatening to get Nicely donem a lot of work in this

Funny Escape from Prison by Wheelchair

Escape from Prison by Wheelchair
Escapes from Prison by wheelchair Sources Pics Please Full View
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Funny chop Is the writing on his shirt backwards.
Great work hidden. Congrats. It's fantastic
Great effects. Better than I could do. But it seems like the cartoony style of the main character's face doesn't match the more realistic style of the the rest of the image. I really like the blast of yellow light surrounding the shooter.
Thanks all Great point LunaC I do fix it I think maybe now looks better thanks for help..
Awesome chop, love the flying bullets. Luna has a point. Try switching the face for realistic looking and see if it looks better.
Well I changed the face , do you think it's better now NewsMaster .
Me likes it way better. Would be interested to hear what others think
Better. The realism gives it a much more "frantic" feeling too. Shots being fired at a real person are much scarier than cartoon bullets.
An illustration with a rare picture seems mixed. It is also rare note diffuse or blurred in certain areas of the image. Another thing is also the filters used to saturate the image in general and I think that makes the image blurry view.
The overall composition is good as well as idea ...and the background is crisp , the elements in the main character in the foreground do have a mix of differing contrasts and resolutions however giving some parts a washed out blurry look.
Congrads Kratos, master of elysium IE:heaven, paradise,eternity,kingdom come.
Congrats grasshopper. Great chop. You really seem to be developing your color and light palette very well lately. Your definitely a rising star.
This escape was a winner. Congrats kratos.
Thanks for all I was really sleepy when I done this one it's was 3 AM glad all you like it and thanks for comments and votes.

Funny Wii Wheelchair - 64 and up!

Wii Wheelchair - 64 and up!
actual game Rated E for Elderly.
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You totally set the bar for this one. Awesome job. I fold.....
and "Rated E for Elderly".
Looks like you hit a "Home Run"....Congrats.
Slixter rocks. Congratulations your second gold.
Congrats slixter. you hit the nail on the head with this one. hard act to follow.

Funny One Wheeled Wheelchair Racer

One Wheeled Wheelchair Racer
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Nice, but she'll have hard time holding the balance

Funny F1 Wheelchair

F1 Wheelchair

Funny Wheelchair

A 21 year old Ben Carpenter from Michigan took a wild ride on his wheelchair at 50 mph. The ride started when his electric wheelchair was accidentally pushed down the highway by a trailer. Secured by a seat belt, Carpenter traveled for several miles, was unharmed, and said he rather enjoyed the ride. In this contest you are asked to modify any wheelchair (motorized or not) to make them stronger, faster and possibly bigger. Your wheelchair model can be made for traveling on ground, water or air. Merging wheelchairs with parts of other vehicles, airplanes, or spacecrafts is welcome.

Funny Wheelchairs, Walkers, Crutches

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Crutches
Customize wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or any other mobility products or any assisted living devices used by people with disabilities and/or injuries. Focus on improving them, adding additional functions or anything else you can think of.

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