A Whale of a Ride
A Whale of a Ride
A Whale of a Ride.

Funny Swimming whale

Swimming whale

Funny Swimming with whales

Swimming with whales

Funny USS Whale

USS Whale
Member reactions:
This is truly exceptional work complete with a great idea.

Funny Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale
Member reactions:
Reminds me of Casper The Ghost. 😀
I really like this one...surprised it didn't finish higher

Funny Pi Whale Jumping Out of the Ocean

Pi Whale Jumping Out of the Ocean

Funny Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale

Scuba Diver Petting a Little Whale
Do to over fishing and pollution, our oceans have drastically changed. Less feeder fish and plankton are found causing species to adapt for survival. Hench, the Sperm Whale has reduced it's size greatly.

Funny Humpback Whale Banana

Humpback Whale Banana
Member reactions:
Superb conjecture, man you say the possibility. I am impressed.
Came across this whale breach looking for something else, thought it was a cool pic, thought to myself, wonder what I can do with it. 😀
Beautifully done D.D. . Never thought a banana whale could look so good.

Funny Whale Pretending to be a Shark

Whale Pretending to be a Shark
This season sharks attacks becomes more "common" so some species started to use disguises to confuse sharks as one of them.

Funny Decaying Beached Whale

Decaying Beached Whale
As my friend Schadenfreude would say. "It ain't Beluga caviar fools."
Member reactions:
Sad as heck
Wao well composed... decying but beautiful with red lipstick well done
CraftyOne Hope it doesn't make you sad personally. Unless you are a Hillary supporter. Then of course I can understand. ; )
It's only a dream my friend Schadenfreude had. ; )
Yes. It concerned me as well, I elected to keep things cleaner than they might be, so as to keep them all legible. It was a trade off. ; )
Needs to be viewed in full - many detals are seen there. I like how you used Hillary's face parts for the whale head.
Good point NewsMaster. Origional veiw is best. I did have difficulty when getting the compression jpg and size ratio correct. At my site I ended up using a .png for clarity.
original entry. lots of work pulled of well and provoking subject. well done. newsy's perceptions continue to amaze me.
B-more. cool stuff. Now produce some more, you lazy bstard.
Thank you pcrdds. Feels good to be back in the loop. Now to see if I can keep it up. ; )
Lolz. jeremix, I was just thankful the peice was even legible. My stuff can get kinda busy for this place. ; )
Congrats to you lucido5... Again thanks for the eye candy. ; )
Highly unusual, Dalish. Congrats on the silver, Bmore.
Thanks Hitspinner, Thank goodness for global warming eh. ; )
Gotta love this chop, it's got everything. Like Newsy said, must see in full to appreciate. Great one, Bmore Congrats on the Silver. I see Bill Clinton in the middle of whales belly, and Vince Foster on left, but who's the guy on the right.
Christopher Stevens. Thanks very much UncleChamp.
Thank you very much Boss. Glad you enjoyed. ; )

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