Democratic Wet Dream Target  Emoji
Democratic Wet Dream Target  Emoji
Democratic Wet Dream Target Emoji.

Funny Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning
Member reactions:
Funny, they are going through a process in Europe to clean 100s of years of suit from burning coal off their old buildings.

Funny Michelle Obama Sat in Wet Paint

Michelle Obama Sat in Wet Paint
Member reactions:
Great paint job on the bench and on Michelle..
great imagination and execution, luciano.
Agree with all the above and I was upset that I didn't think of this.

Funny Walking Past Wet Paint

Walking Past Wet Paint

Funny Boy Collecting Wet Mail

Boy Collecting Wet Mail
The 3 things about mail boxes...Location, Location, Location
Member reactions:
Nice work .. i get a real sense of Urgency in this pic...

Funny Wet Dinosaur Penguin

Wet Dinosaur Penguin
Member reactions:
, I remember him from the dino-birds contest saying "man, I hate the water..." Hilarious.
knew this was your John , didn't want to blow your cover, dino bird strikes again.
I keep him close for whenever I need to smile
nice work as always johnx keep going man

Funny Wet Baseball

Wet Baseball
Word Series 2007 started with rain. Story
Member reactions:
Quality splash work here. Glad to see you enterig again, Skorp.

Funny Wet Bridge

Wet Bridge
A Nice Cool Dip Before Going To Work Sounds Refreshing, Don't You Think.
Member reactions:
The guy that build that bridge must have worked for NASA on the Challenger
Over the hills & through the river, to grandmother's house we go.
another Drunk Barge Captain hits florida bridge

Funny Wet Willie

Wet Willie

Funny Wet Russian Manmoth

Wet Russian Manmoth

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