Monet 2019 Wagons West
Monet 2019 Wagons West
Monet 2019 Wagons West. Member reactions:
Like it, has a great rustic look, HoHouse.

Funny East Meets West

East Meets West
Link-up on the DMZ
Member reactions:
Another brilliant job..trump looks like he means business
Thanks Manosart and Fugit, for your generous comments they are appreciated.
Wonderfully processed, Reggie. The caricature work is brilliant and KJU is hilarious. ... Congrats on the win.
Thank You SplatShot. Feels good when one's work is appreciated and you put a smile on my face with you awesome compliments.

Funny Kaney 'narcissus' West

Kaney 'narcissus' West

Funny RIP Adam West

RIP Adam West

Funny Adam West Batman Tribute

Adam West Batman Tribute
So long old chum. Thanks for the memories.
Member reactions:
Tonight (Thursday) the Bat-signal will be on at Los Angeles' City Hall in honor of Mr West. Bat-signal Honor
Nice and clean. Congrats on the silver.. It's great you put the other characters in too
Thanks. I should have put Eartha Kitt in as Catwoman since they all have passed away.

Funny Santa Kardashian and baby West

Santa Kardashian and baby West

Funny Bernie Wins West Virginia

Bernie Wins West Virginia
Sanders Wins in West Virginia Democratic Primary; Trump Cruises
Member reactions:
Intense. Bernie is a crack up. Link is broken, reverts to FN.
Woody Congrats and a very nice piece of work, Jim. Looks like the real Bernie. Lol
Congrats on the Cup, Jim. Fantastically Humorous.

Funny Ben Carson the West Point Military Academy Cadet

Ben Carson the West Point Military Academy Cadet
Ben Carson Campaign Admits Claim Of West Point Acceptance Is False
Member reactions:
That suits him well. Congrats on the gold, Andrew.
Very well done, love it, congrats on the win.

Funny Kanye West Wearing a Puffer Fish Necklace

Kanye West Wearing a Puffer Fish Necklace

Funny Kanye West's Election Win Party

Kanye West's Election Win Party
Member reactions:
I like the layout of this but it doesn't look like Kanye.

Funny Kanye West for President?

Kanye West for President?
Just if we didn't have enough Kanye West jaw-dropping moments, he announced he's running for president in 2020. The rapper did it at the acceptance speech at MTV Video Music Awards. The election is five years from now, so he has enough time to get into politics. Would you vote for Kayne? Kim Kardashian would make an interesting first lady. Photoshop anything related to Kanye West's presidential bid in 2020.

Funny Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West
Immortalized in Toby Keith's song, Should've Been a Cowboy, legendary actor James Arness, passed away quietly Friday, June 3, in his Los Angeles celebrity home. Known most for his role as Marshal Dillon on Gunsmoke from 1955 to 1975, he was the epitome of a Hollywood cowboy, and also starred in dozens of movies, some as recent as 1994. As a tribute to legendary actor James Arness, photoshop anything related to cowboys and The American Old West.

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