Weird Christopher Walken
Weird Christopher Walken
Weird Christopher Walken.

Funny The New Illuminati Weird Order

The New Illuminati Weird Order
Member reactions:
Many symbols, not so easy to get the meaning.
Awesome Andwhat. One of your best works imo
Brilliant. Love it. N Weird O funny stuff.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic Portrait by Rafael

Weird Al Yankovic Portrait by Rafael
Member reactions:
Dont stare the big eyes very nicely done..
Very expressive PixJockey, lovely to see you back.
Hey PJ. Long time. Great chop and a congrats on the wood.
Clever choice of sources, perfect blending. Nice to see you again, Pix.

Funny Weird Little Kid

Weird Little Kid
Ginger Kidult.face source:
Member reactions:
Looks like an Irish kiddo. Decent work, Hidden.

Funny Tom Cruise Using Weird Science

Tom Cruise Using Weird Science
Member reactions:
Great merge. It take a lot of time to discover all components.
One of the most exited chop, full of Freaky objects
like the pants down.... and looks like its a gravitanal fail
This totally suits nutty Tom the world turned upside down, welcome Scientology.
congrats on the Woody.... I loved looking at this unresized....

Funny Mutated Weird Head

Mutated Weird Head
source head
Member reactions:
Good work on the source... and a perfect example of Evolutions gone wrong... and funny to see the live example on the lizard with multiple legs
Brilliant One could imagine this many legs to the lizard superb
Mind blowing twist in the growth of the ancestors Rolling eyes are crazy idea
Nice job on this. Love the teeth. Area of concern - the repeated eyes. They all have the same reflected white patch, not adjusted to suggest a single light source, which makes the repetition too obvious.
Thanks. Yeah, you're right BD. Totally overlooked that. Fixed it anyway..

Funny Weird Boys of Rock Caricatures

Weird Boys of Rock Caricatures
Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons.
Member reactions:
Excellent work hidden ... great caricatures and composition ... Love the skull & cross-guitars.
I know all these boys very well done with the skull and guitars and nice work on the lights and the positioning of images
vicspa congratulations ,, great job here the colors,,, composition ,, ...
congrats on the bronze Vicspa , great work .. keep up
That's just beautiful..... Keep up the good work.

Funny Weird Fish Creature in the Ocean

Weird Fish Creature in the Ocean
i wonder how he uses that long thing... any guesses out there
Member reactions:
please look at full view to see final work
Nice creation, all the animal and bird parts were well merged in a fish good job done
thanks for the comments you guys the tail, not really sure its a tail
Difficult to understand the animal good stuff
Thanks balodiya ericnorthend glad it made you laugh

Funny Weird Al Yancovik Portrait by Durer

Weird Al Yancovik Portrait by Durer
Member reactions:
Nice. Weird Al fits well here. Although, liked his look better with glasses and 'stache (Al's previous incarnation ). As long as you are chopping, you could also work a little bit on the Dürer source that Al so nobly resides in. Just a little clean-up on flecks on coat, etc.
The smiley look is excellent, good job with source

Funny Weird Men Wearing Red Dresses

Weird Men Wearing Red Dresses
Yeah sometimes you get to see some really weird people on the streets.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic
"Weird Al" Yankovic, the master of song parodies, is turning 50 this Friday. Since the release of his first parody song in 1979, Yankovic brought us hilarious parodies of the hit songs - "Fat", "Eat It", "Like a Surgeon", and wrote many original songs too. Weird Al sold over 12 million albums - more than any other comedy act in history. Yankovic's first top ten Billboard single ("White & Nerdy") was made nearly three decades into his career, so we think the best "Weird Al" song is yet to come! Happy Birthday, "Weird Al"! To mark the (upcoming) 50th birthday of "Weird Al" Yankovic, photoshop him any way you wish.

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