Anthony Weiner `Rogue Zero`
Anthony Weiner `Rogue Zero`
Anthony Weiner "Rogue Zero". Member reactions:
Thanks for commenting. It's a BMW Steve. Bavarian Motor Works
, I had typed his last name but it was changed to "man-meat" mobile. Nice BMW and chop.
Great work SplatS. tough contest I missed the Hall of Fame by a taste Got hit by the Hit-Man
Thanks, Uncle-C. A Gold or 4 more Silvers and you'll have it. I suggest setting you goal much higher though. ☺
Thanks, Steve. I suppose... I should have picked a more popular sort of guy to play Spidey.
Weeeeeneeeeer, there I said it LMFAO. Gads man, what a pick. Hahahahaha. A horn dog with super window peeking ability hahahahaah.. Well, it's a great chop but you know the bigger the subject the better the votes. It's just small. It's good, clean and absurd. All the elements of something I would like. *Sorry Champ, I was on a mission involving the Hall of Fame as well. Sort of bitter sweet But I knew I had to just plow through the inevitable. RIP Doc, we miss you.
Thanks, Eduen. Took me 2 hours to put that damn spider on the hood. And no-one even noticed the nay-kidd girl. I guess that's their loss for not looking.

Funny Cheaters Clinton Weiner

Cheaters Clinton Weiner
Funny, they both cheated and their wife's are close.
Member reactions:
Fantastic Hobbit.. Love how you nailed these two of a kind lowlifes together. That Kodak moment pic looks too real. Lol

Funny Weiner Gone Wild

Weiner Gone Wild
Member reactions:
Funny image.
Congrats on the Wood, Hobbit. Great composite. Awesome wallpaper
Excuse the edits Hobbit, but it kept changing the "W" word (his name)for one that I wouldn't use, (Man M..t).
, my darn phone does that all the time, Thanks uncleChamp.
Wood for the wood chop. Totally appropriate hahahahah Nicely done, Hobbit

Funny Anthony Weiner Hotdogs

Anthony Weiner Hotdogs

Funny John Kerry and Anthony Weiner Catching an Aligator

John Kerry and Anthony Weiner Catching an Aligator
Member reactions:
Nice try to catch the crocodile, It's very danger
Excellent caricature but I'm not sure if the caiman is the one who is rowing.
Congrats on top 5 HH... You got some milage out of that Weener hahahaahahahaah

Funny Anthoby Weiner as Carmen Miranda

Anthoby Weiner as Carmen Miranda
Low Hanging Fruit
Member reactions:
Like the conceptual fruity hat and the feather fur

Funny Bashar Assad and Anthony Weiner

Bashar Assad and Anthony Weiner
Don't be Deviant

Funny Anthony Weiner Using the New iHookup App

Anthony Weiner Using the New iHookup App
Anthony Wiener's triple-X texting Pal Sydney Leathers Is Hawking A New Hookup App. Had to misspell his last name to get by the cuss filter...Damn-it. News Link Full Size Also Check out this i-hookup youtube advert...... Video Ad
Member reactions:
Good use of facial expressions to prove the news link
Hahahahahahaahaha yes it is good use I like
Thanks Raj, Hit-man, and N-Master. It's hard to believe no-one watched the video ad link to this picture. If you had I would still be able to hear your laughter.

Funny Anthony Weiner in a Car Crash

Anthony Weiner in a Car Crash
Anthony W involved in minor car crash in NYC

Funny Anthony Weiner in Psycho 2

Anthony Weiner in Psycho 2
Member reactions:
Congratulations. I think this guy should be erased and never to be heard from again. Well-done HoHouse.
You're finding the pocket Mr. HH. Terrific chop Congrats
Bronze congrats, HoHouse. I love it when you have composition entries like this one. Collage style of entries with super many elements of overused sources and characters don't score as high as this one.
Good going Ho,excellent chop.Congrats on the bronze you're moving on up like the Jeffersons

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