The weightlifter
The weightlifter
The weightlifter.

Funny Weightlifter in Rio

Weightlifter in Rio
Irish IOC member arrested over illegal ticket sales
Member reactions:
I heard about this. Feckin scalper hahahahaa. Fine job...

Funny Invisible Weightlifter with Putin and Hillary

Invisible Weightlifter with Putin and Hillary
The guy in the left corner can buy any sport event including the Olympic Games and the World Cup. He can be a weight lifting champion even in a wheelchair.

Funny Roseanne Weightlifter

Roseanne Weightlifter
She missed the slimming contest

Funny Weightlifter Boy

Weightlifter Boy

Funny Olympic Insect Weightlifter

Olympic Insect Weightlifter
Member reactions:
Excellent, but the weights are somewhat blurry

Funny Weightlifter Lifting Beer Kegs

Weightlifter Lifting Beer Kegs
Lift that beer keg.
Member reactions:
Did somebody fill these things up, or what.
There should be a bit more light on the top of the left keg.
Later in the evening, he'll also participate in Power Puking.
Hahah. very funny. light beer is good for something

Funny The Strange Weightlifter

The Strange Weightlifter

Funny Conan O'Brien Weightlifter

Conan O'Brien Weightlifter
Member reactions:
Over Haul NBC.

Funny Weightlifter Dmitry Medvedev holding Putin

Weightlifter Dmitry Medvedev holding Putin
Medvedev means "son of a bear" Putin means ....
Member reactions:
. I don't know what Putin means - it does not have obvious translation. Putin is done nicely here, but Medvedev's face needs more work.
Masking is rough around the big guy. His face color doesn't match the rest of his body.

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