Scottish Weight Thrower Breaks a Window
Scottish Weight Thrower Breaks a Window
Scottish Weight Thrower Breaks a Window. Member reactions:
Good one, without throwing the glass is broken

Funny Scottish Weight Throwing in a Ballet

Scottish Weight Throwing in a Ballet

Funny Jabba the Hutt Weight Loss

Jabba the Hutt Weight Loss
Another half ton and he gets to meet Valarie Bertenelli
Member reactions:
Gotta giggle
that's the point (for me, anyway). But, ya know, the coloring of Jabba, shadow, window reflection (of his back) and enhancement of what was a horrible picture of a Jenny Craig storefront (but, the best one available) don't add themselves...
Dedicated to some of them who are in diet, Eat a live frog in the breakfast
Excellent work done on the creature its looks so fat why he needs more food

Funny Crazy Gary Busey Weight Throwing

Crazy Gary Busey Weight Throwing
Member reactions:
Ha. Gary looks so normal acting crazy. Well done.
Fantastic work, So real. Wonderful chop and well managed.
Well done, what he is want to do, pull of his teeth

Funny Barack Obama Lifting Weights

Barack Obama Lifting Weights
please refresh screen to get the latest version
Member reactions:
, Thats a lot of muscle. I bet he's got just asc much between his ears too

Funny Barack Obama in the Weight Room at the Gym

Barack Obama in the Weight Room at the Gym
Member reactions:
Funny, and nicely done, love the blurred second image ( The arm holding the weights is not quite right though, the forearm is much larger than the arm closest to the viewer, and it appears unattached to the body because of the scale and perspective)
qtrmoonshop... your right, good eye, thanks for catching that, can't believe I missed it. This should work.
hahahaha, this is very very good and funny too.

Funny Running for Weight Loss

Running for Weight Loss

Funny Rhythmic Weight Lifting

Rhythmic Weight Lifting
All Details lost in thumbnail, Please View Full (1167x1600) Main Sources
Member reactions:
. Love the face and the cracks in the floor.
Awesome composition, and the cracks are a nice touch. Formula for winning chop = put some hot babes it
, the facial expressions are great. Nice touch on the cracks in the floor too.
Congrats Hamid, great stuff I think we need an Olympic circus too...hehe
Thanks guys... I am pleasantly surprised that this image even made top 3 with all of the great competition in this contest...
People needed a laugh and some beauty, after the chainsaws and blood contest.
Why, Hamid. It's a great chop. I gave it a 7 but should have given it an 8. I failed to click large format so sorry about that. You are right, small format does not reveal the quality. I did not get that you characterized the guys face which would have earned extra. Deserves gold, man.
Congrats on gold Hamid. Nice job. Great bit of fun.
Congrats on the win, Hamid. Well deserved, great idea. The expression on the face is priceless, kudos.
Hamid (TERRIFIC)),, congrats on the gold.
Olympic gold for the sultan of photoshop. Congrats Hamid.

Funny Fork Weight Lifting

Fork Weight Lifting

Funny Man Weight Lifting Blackberries

Man Weight Lifting Blackberries

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