Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway . Member reactions:
Awesome idea for advertisements. Great job H.H..

Funny Ivanka's Weekend Do for MarAVersailles

Ivanka's Weekend Do for MarAVersailles
Just for bein' cazh round the mansion
Member reactions:
Neat and clean and like the bun on the forehead

Funny Wildcard Weekend Bust

Wildcard Weekend Bust
Boring Football. 2017 NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap
Member reactions:
Top 5 woot. I didn't get into football this year so couldn't tell you who is /was playing. But I have seen the playoffs be far from inspiring in the past

Funny Hard choice after family weekend

Hard choice after family weekend

Funny Weekend at Bernie

Weekend at Bernie
Bernie Sanders and I Will Come Together to Stop Trump
Member reactions:
Don't think even Bernie is that Desperate, looks good.
ski. very nicely blended..only the joint has a bit of trouble fitting in..
clean work yes the joint is dark on the right side a bit to heavy,But I like it very much
You were right, I gave her a different joint & she seems to be much happier now
Brilliant DMan hahahahahahaah bronze kudos......
What........ The Dster. Grats Jim, play more often, K.
D-Man in da house with the Bronze and a great one. Hilarious and super clean. Trump book ashtray great touch.
good to see you chopping, d-man. it looks great. congrats on the win.
Thanks guys, nice to chop something again.
Congrats On the Cup D-man. Good to see you chopping.

Funny Crowded Sidewalk on the Weekend

Crowded Sidewalk on the Weekend
Member reactions:
Excellent colorful seria pictures from HH. Like it.

Funny Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior
Member reactions:
Dragon challenging the warrior, nice desert look

Funny Weekend at Bin Laden's

Weekend at Bin Laden's
Member reactions:
All that is missing is the bullet hole in his disgusting head. Definitely a crowd-pleaser.
Congrats on the trophy, this was the funniest image in the contest = -->
campbelltoes74 congratsss... defiantly the best concept.. im still laughing.
Congrats on the wood, toes. This chop freaking ROCKS.

Funny Weekend at Fidel Castro's

Weekend at Fidel Castro's
Forget his Baseball debute, his movie debute is stunning.
Member reactions:
Hahaha... Weekend at Fidel's.... I loved the original movie. This one should be even funnier.

Funny Disney Weekend

Disney Weekend
Ken wants Barbie back, but she was seen in a box with G.I.Joe.Getting shipped off on a romantic weekend to Disney. story

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