King of Weed - Charlie Sheen
King of Weed - Charlie Sheen
King of Weed - Charlie Sheen. Member reactions:
king of weed nice sky and the crown like this idea

Funny Zombies Smoking Weed

Zombies Smoking Weed
got the munchies for brains.
Member reactions:
Excellent.... the dead were also been feed on weed they will hang up for it
, I thought about The Walking Dead Heads but it was just too many words, thanks guys.
Nice work JR nice detail on the type as well I like the MJ leaf in the A

Funny Walmart Weed

Walmart Weed
Weedmart Lotsa happy shoppers, and always rolling down prices..
Member reactions:
Yes this is an upcoming industry... lets wait for it..... good job

Funny Ricky Smoking Weed

Ricky Smoking Weed
Hi all. I dedicate this work to the teacher, brother, teacher of life. Ricky TREK. for the use of the source MY DIRTY SOUL chained ...... I have permission from Ricky TREK. richard hope you like it.
Member reactions:
This is really brilliant ... the thoughts of an artist comes out and potrait behind him in different characters as seen in the pic great job done with this innovative concept Excellent chop done in creating all others characters beneath Nice smokey look give the image more imagination look of an artist
yep, you captured Ricky pretty well PSM, I believe we all see him like this Congrats, awesome entry.
Congrats on the wood, PSM. Great caricature of Ricky, and I love the spooky cat here and marijuana theme.

Funny Obama Driving a Car Smoking Weed

Obama Driving a Car Smoking Weed
Cannabis drivers 'twice as likely to cause car crash' Drivers who use cannabis up to three hours before driving are twice as likely to cause a collision as those not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, says a Canadian study.
Member reactions:
It's all mind ova matter when it comes to driving etc re mj, people just need to put on their thinking caps Cool pic
Drivers over the age of 65 are 3 times more likely for me to ram them out of frustration than those who are stoned or drunk...or texting on their cell phones.
No matter what happened in previous street.. be happy anyways ha ha ha
... Canadians and their studies. great job.
Cannbis, hmmmm i love this freaking twig, what a wonderful experience freaky obama suites this weed,, hmmm he is a brand Ambassador to this weed
Wooden Congrats and extra kudos for the triple winning chops . . . love this one perfect expression .
Another gem from PSM and another trophy. 3 out of 4 - woo hoo. Congrats.

Funny Barack Obama Smoking Weed

Barack Obama Smoking Weed

Funny Silvio Berlusconi's Weed Shop

Silvio Berlusconi's Weed Shop
Member reactions:
luke....... soo thats bungabunga... congrats...
Congratulations. I propose a toke in honor of your Win, luke999666.
congrats on your woody luke.....use the force
Congrats on the weed I mean wood Great chop, Luke.

Funny Pee Wee's Playhouse

Pee Wee's Playhouse
Please view in Hi-Res

Funny Chelsea Clinton Marries Pee Wee Herman

Chelsea Clinton Marries Pee Wee Herman
Dad lost his money with the White Water deal, made my own low cost paper dress and I'm getting married to the man of my dreams. What more can any girl want.
Member reactions:
Now that's a couple. I haven't seen peewee in forever

Funny American Gothic Weed

American Gothic Weed
Didn't get a chance to submit this one.Please view full
Member reactions:
LoL the guy breaking in
So clean and well done. The stoned dude getting through the attic window is a cherry on top.

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