Google Supermoon Website Logo
Google Supermoon Website Logo
Google Supermoon Website Logo. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Wood (best of the bunch, in my opinion).

Funny Kid Makes a Website Upside Down

Kid Makes a Website Upside Down
FreakingNews fell victim to a prank and now sits upside down. Could this child be responsible or is it Photoshop.
Member reactions:
backwards, Ha I thought it was in Russian.

Funny Obamacare Website Solution

Obamacare Website Solution
Obamacare Web Designers Blame Obama Administration for Glitches
Member reactions:
LOVE the old diskette and the written directions on it, hahaha.

Funny Freaking Book Website

Freaking Book Website
Member reactions:
Really a wonderful idea generated by creating the website theme Newsy think of it to make it possible some day Good job done
Hahaha, looks like FN competitor. I like the altered logos you did too.

Funny Woman Escaping Website

Woman Escaping Website

Funny Evil Genius Behind Website

Evil Genius Behind Website
Have you ever wondered who the elusive NewsMaster really is....wonder no more. sources
Member reactions:
"Newsy." ((((knock knock knock)))) "Is that you." Great Pic.
Nah, newsy's the blue-green guy on the little screen... (nice teeth.) cool chop, close-up, a must.
Belly hurts from laughter. / * Click, Save. Thanks, mate.
This is soooo cool, great work, Funky and congrats..
It's ALIVE.... Cool concept...beautiful execution. Congrats.
OMG... So creative..Another masterpiece here..
Thanks FW for exposing the real Newsy. Nice job.
Outstanding and really, really creative chop. As far as I am concerned there should have been a lot of 1st places given in this one. .
I agree with HS. Congratulations on the "third gold", Mr. Wood.
Congrats Funkster Cats out of the bag now. Newsy is really Nikola Tesla in a jar...
Thanks everyone. rainman comment.

Funny Freaking Google Website

Freaking Google Website
Member reactions:
Hilarious. The contest on the right should read "If Freaking News Ruled"
Thanks again, I changed the google search page to freakingnews one for the sample window to.
Nice Work, But you may work on the top of the title bar it still shows freakingnews(, just a Idea)

Funny Bigfoot Website Coder Looking For Work

Bigfoot Website Coder Looking For Work
And yet another bigfoot sighting..
Member reactions:
I like the smug look on his face.

Funny Trump U Website

Trump U Website
"The Donald" could create a unique learning environment fusing his many areas of expertise. Modeled after
Member reactions:
Actually, "Yakama" appears to be the preferred spelling.
Where do I sign up. : -->) Sounds like the Donald.

Funny Website

Member reactions:
I guess it would depend on how many people come to the blowout.

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