Weather Management
Weather Management
Weather Management.

Funny Syrian Bombing Weather Map

Syrian Bombing Weather Map
How dangerous are the skies over Syria.

Funny Super Moon Rising Causing Bad Weather

Super Moon Rising Causing Bad Weather
Member reactions:
Clever thinking. There is an evident sea waves replication tha could be easily correct.
Terrifying. Good job on waves overtaking roads.

Funny Kim Jong Un Changes The Weather

Kim Jong Un Changes The Weather
Kim Jong-Un is unhappy with the North Korean weather forecasting
Member reactions:
Do you want see anything or say anything....
I think this weather forecast is absolutely the best forecast I've seen in my life. It freaking rocks. See how the weather submits to dictators too.
Congrats on the gold & silver...

Funny The Etch-a-Sketch Weather Report

The Etch-a-Sketch Weather Report
Member reactions:
, just shake to get a new weather forecast.

Funny Weather is Turning Nasty

Weather is Turning Nasty
Member reactions:
Reminds me of something from a H.P. Lovecraft story. Looks great.
Great work to put the Eye over the Clouds and thunders Good job done with the cloud formation and back lit behind the house
Fantastic job done Good use of the Clouds....

Funny Barack Obama Weather Man

Barack Obama Weather Man
Obama Hobbled in Fight Against Global Warming.. Full view..
Member reactions:
Please full view...
Köszönöm tesó Am felvettél,de nem láttalak fent / Thank you Homlok.

Funny Changing the Weather

Changing the Weather
Member reactions:
I wish I could that right now. I hate snow.

Funny Groundhog Weather Channel

Groundhog Weather Channel
Let's hire Groundhogs...

Funny Nostradamus TV Weather Man

Nostradamus TV Weather Man
Member reactions:
Gr8 humour
Way to go Mo. Two trophies in one contest.

Funny Weather Channel

Weather Channel
Spice things up a bit by showing us what other celebrities or politicians the Weather Channel might bring on board. We know how opinionated some of these people can be, so feel free to give them their own segment or show with a title that will reflect their spin on the weather.

Funny Cold Weather

Cold Weather
Photoshop how extremely cold weather will affect life in New England - businesses, politics, traffic, civil activities, etc. Suggesting creative ways to cope with cold New England weather is a plus.

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