Marlon Wayans Wearing Makeup
Marlon Wayans Wearing Makeup
Marlon Wayans Wearing Makeup.

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy Wearing Makeup

Nicolas Sarkozy Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
Decent work, just wish the left part was not blurry

Funny Chris Rock Wearing Makeup

Chris Rock Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
Opera's "half" sister
I think your auto - correct changed "Oprah " to Opera.
It's the same face,luciano. One half with makeup and one half without. The smile was crooked to begin with.

Funny Vladimir Putin Wearing Makeup

Vladimir Putin Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats, Andrew. For future reference, the eyelash is on backwards. The longer lashes go to the outside.
Great chop Andrew. Bronze pat on the back.

Funny Peter Dinklage Wearing Makeup

Peter Dinklage Wearing Makeup
who's body is the other half the female part
Congrats, Preemiememe .
Excellent. Specially like the shoes and the teddy. Congratulations.

Funny Bruce Jenner Wearing Makeup

Bruce Jenner Wearing Makeup
Well Bless His 'Lil Heart, The Boy is all Confused these days.

Funny Gary Busey Wearing Makeup

Gary Busey Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
Hilarious...... Picture taken by drone no doubt

Funny Donald Trump Wearing Makeup

Donald Trump Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
... y Donald.... Icy congratulationssss Woody...
Really Xlent work, Icy. and plenty good enough to grab a cup.

Funny Adam and Eve Wearing Jeans Painting

Adam and Eve Wearing Jeans Painting

Funny Queen Elizabeth wearing Jeans painting

Queen Elizabeth wearing Jeans painting

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