Concealed Weapon
Concealed Weapon
Concealed Weapon. Member reactions:
Had to look twice... freaking freaky. Great job.
Excellent merge of hands, and love this small gun really fit to this image. good work

Funny Blonde Woman's Weapons

Blonde  Woman's Weapons
Member reactions:
Reminds me of the tune:"Hit me with your best Leek...etc." Beautiful.
I don't know the song but it sounds funny Thank you, Geri.
Nicely done . . . and I must say, that's a lovely bunch of coconuts
Qtrmoonshop glad you like the coconuts You can take one and taste it but take care not to be shot. Thank you Krrish.
My comment was a lyrical permutation of the Pat Benatar song:"Hit Me with Your Best Shot." Congrats-still love your work. ------------- (
Thank you Geri, I am very glad you like it

Funny Escher's Secret Bowling Weapon

Escher's Secret Bowling Weapon

Funny Soldier Carrying Lots of Weapons

Soldier Carrying Lots of Weapons
Pre-1967 War Boundaries Are Indefensible
Member reactions:
The only strap on he is missing is a friggin tank , Hahaha , Cool chop ...
I wouldn't have expected less-Get 'em BiBi.

Funny Obama Gives Weapons to Libyan Rebels

Obama Gives Weapons to Libyan Rebels
Obama contemplates giving weapons to Libyan rebels
Member reactions:
, What they will do with these stuff.. Nice work man.
. Even balloon is to be used as a weapon.
Thanks, Newsy. Balloons can be very dangerous you know with all the static electricity they can build up by rubbing them against a sweater. .
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. As a bonus you get a branded FN slingshot.
Thanks, Newsy. Okay...that slingshot could come in handy one of these days. I'll look for it in the mail.
Congratulations. Nice work-right down to the shadows.
Thanks, oldman. salis and Kratos tell me to keep I do.
Thanks, Mr. Rain. The already have rocks. .

Funny Red Riding Hood Doll with Weapons

Red Riding Hood Doll with Weapons
Member reactions:
Clean work, stylish. I like how you have the wolf peeking from the barn corner
I like a girl who is prepared. Nice work.
Sure she's not afraid Thanks for your comments.
Hey baby girl, you don't need knife as you have gun with you. . Good Work.
maybe after killin him she wants to cut him in little parts to eat him with fries and ketchup... who knows
that's nice Evirio keep going glad it's selected the best one in this race ..

Funny Cyborg Girl with Weapons

Cyborg Girl with Weapons
fire in the hole...
Member reactions:
i guess,for the bullets,It would be nice if motion blur
excellent concept. Games should love it. Are you an avid gamer.
thanks all, newsy: just inspired from planet terror.

Funny Barack Obama Buying Weapons

Barack Obama Buying Weapons
Massive Arms Deal for Obama
Member reactions:
Now, is it all that wise to sell 60 billion in arms to guys that hate our guts but only tolerate us because we buy their oil. Now, how many of those arms will wind up killing Americans or... after they are resold. Nice montage.
Just what I was thinking.....thanks hitspinner the wise one
Pretty cool. I like how you did the buyer Obama's "happy" tag is a nice touch too

Funny Ninja Fighters with Weapons

Ninja Fighters with Weapons
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood madnessxd, nice job.

Funny Chili Weapon For You

Chili Weapon For You
Member reactions:
Very cheap chili weapon for you my friend. . Hotness rate on this entry: 10 million Scoville heat units Love it.
Hey mate , that's awesome chop ... love the details and manythings here... i see you have beat me hall of fame .. as I told you before congrats on everythings mate , you are truly the monster of PS, keep up your fantastic works mate
Congrats on your latest acheivement in the hall of fame.... Where is Kratos anyway.
Dang, I totally forgot to shake hands. Been chopping so much I'm scattered Really excellent entry.

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