The Weapon Playground
The Weapon Playground
The Weapon Playground. Member reactions:
Appreciable and very good message to all ppl, please promote this idea very good for all of us and specially for under 12
Hard work for a perfect detail, i like the contrast of colors between playground slide and camouflaging painting .
Perfect. Make a playground out of all that 'Deathware'.
This is really a heart touching work. The weapons are meant for destruction but you have made it for play stuff for kids Great work seen her
Magnificent composition. Congrats on the gold, BF.
Your great blend of toys and arms turned into a cup making machine Congrats

Funny Lethal South Park Weapon 3

Lethal South Park Weapon 3
A live animation South Park movie.

Funny Piers Morgan in a Dalek Making an Assault on Assault Weapons

Piers Morgan in a Dalek Making an Assault on Assault Weapons
Gun control thug
Member reactions:
Great caricature and freaky smile good one... the Ghost rider is dying now
I knew this style looked familiar, always good work. We still having fun, hope U are doing the same.Oh an my two cups this year saved me from chopping 160 picture for the same coin, there is a god, when the best sit out.
Tough competition but, you slipped one in HS.
Hah, yep it's my style. I'd have more fun if a cup was in it for my efforts but it's pretty cool to see someone nail down all 4. That's a real accomplishent. Anyway, your trophy was well earned in any contest, D. It was a good chop pal

Funny Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons
full view please
Member reactions:
grenade drumsticks...probably the drum sound would be nice ..
Placing the grenade to the drum stick is Awesome idea, play it carefully
Excellent idea .... good work on the fire... and the weapons and bullets used to decorate the musical instruments... Amazing like the smoke coming out that pipe
Very creative, wood congrats Silvercanine
Congrats on the wood, silvercanine. I can hear the music playing Ratatatataa.

Funny Barack Obama and Joe Biden Playing with Toy Weapons

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Playing with Toy Weapons
Obama proposes ban on assault weapons
Member reactions:
Assault weapons ban can give a new hope to some survivals good chop and the freaky of using the President seal to the wheels of the Tank Very funny to see the Dog closing his eyes
Amazing Wheel base , tank is fully loaded with Assaulting weapons
Toys for big boys, hahaha. Congrats on the bronze too, Paul.

Funny Weapon Vending Machine

Weapon Vending Machine
Gun Control and Gun Rights
Member reactions:
Could I get a #32 to go, with a 41 on the side, and hold the pickles & onions.
Good informative source.... well done in collecting all the guns

Funny Frozen Weapon in the Snow

Frozen Weapon in the Snow
Sources Winter texture by: Trident png stock by:
Member reactions:
thanks for providing your sources. this looks awesome.
I rarely do not notify the stocks. I think everyone should use such images in photomanips and credit the owners who photographed and made available for our work. I do what I think it is fair. I like to show for people that I made my works and all the images that I used on them. Thank you for your comment.
It's the work of God Magnificent creativity....
Great light work, its nice white and cool work of snow as well

Funny Army Goat Firing His Weapon

Army Goat Firing His Weapon
Member reactions:
excellent use of source and put this goat with armour and the jacket wonderful job to see its firing the bullets

Funny Man Playing a Bagpipes Weapon

Man Playing a Bagpipes Weapon
Member reactions:

Funny Lethal weapon 3

Lethal weapon 3
Member reactions:
Yes for Race 2012 the leather weapons were utmost necessity

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