Wayne Gretzky Statue
Wayne Gretzky Statue
Wayne Gretzky Statue.

Funny Wayne Gretzky Heartbreaker

Wayne Gretzky Heartbreaker
Member reactions:
very stylish chop. He could be advertising jeans like this. I like how you changed the pavement for the cracked desert land. the girl is bringing him a bottle of champaign - nice girl she is
I thought you smell love in the air Sassy
Newsy thanks a lot, yes I changed the pavement and sky at bg... the girl is nice but the boy is too, all the girls will love him lool... too bad are few girls here I would had a higher score for sure
Congrats Sunshin. Cool, funny and seixy chop.. Awesome work.
...sorry for the 3 edit but the server don't want i write seixy.
No problem Ibou, when you edit you can delete 'edited by user' tag but anyhow it will remain one but it's cool others one can be deleted I just discovered my self Thank you so much for congrats and thanks too Newsy.

Funny Wayne Gretzky Poligrip Advert

Wayne Gretzky Poligrip Advert
After so many hits to the mouth by pucks, sticks and elbows, Wayne is glad he's got his Poligrip.
Member reactions:
Now, who could resist such an advert. Hilarious.
Hehe, toothless would be a great contest for the advanced class as it's a basic, but advanced skill everybody should have mastered by now. Excellent job, Pcrdds
Funny-that's the first thing a St.Paul Fighting Saints player showed me as a kid:his teeth. I told him I wanted to play hockey when I grew up.You hit the mark again, Pcrdds.

Funny Cryogenic Wayne Gretzky in Space

Cryogenic Wayne Gretzky in Space
Member reactions:
Nice one HS, not a great follower of Ice hockey so I didn't know what to do on this one, so I gave it a pass. Good job I did, yours would have 'creamed me."
Not that I want to smudge any illusions people3 might have of me but it is a curious thing that I have neve watched a hockey game. The closest I ever came was watching a movie called Mystery Alaska. I have seen news highlights as well
Cool job Hit. I love the idea...my congrats on the silver.
Congrats on the win, good job Hitspinner.
Congrats hitspinner. Very creative and funny cool shop...Definitly my favorite in this contest. .
Silver congrats, Hits. I find it unusual that you never watched a hockey game, but your chop is nothing less super because of this.
, I even find it unusual.I have tons of interests, hockey just never made the list. Plus I have always been the sort that likes to play games rather than watch them. But I watch football, Boxing and and MMA events sometimes and love most of the olympic games. Thanks, Glad you liked it

Funny Retired Wayne Gretzky Still Life

Retired Wayne Gretzky Still Life
It has been a good run Wayne. No its time to hang up the skatyes. Your attic seems to be the right place to keep that old stuff.
Member reactions:
Too awesome and very hockey-nostalgic chop. I smell a big hockey fan here.
Thank you all. Has been a while since the last podium finish.
Congrats on the bronze, Tarkus. Great to see you on the podium again.

Funny Wayne Gretzky Sperman of Ice Hockey

Wayne Gretzky Sperman of Ice Hockey

Funny Wayne Gretzky Doll

Wayne Gretzky Doll
Member reactions:
LoL Cute
Gotta love this one. Hilarious. I bet it would sell too, at least among Gretzky fans.

Funny Evil Wayne Gretzky

Evil Wayne Gretzky
"I never miss a point"
Member reactions:
Nice.......Love it.
Interesting angle here. I like this double entendre "I never miss a point"

Funny Lil' Wayne Caricature

Lil' Wayne Caricature
Please view full
Member reactions:
Nice 1 love it love it love it high marks
these are all his original cartoons. Some are too strange to put as tattoos - like what the heck is this Rolls Royce walking ad doing there, .
but if you chopped these tattoos you deserve extra credit because they look so real.
Hahaha, I'm glad you took it Ricky and I hope you get many more. No Newsy, I didn't chop the tats. He actually did that to himself. Thanks guys.
rw you made lilwayne soo ... y congrats..
Settle down Ricky, RW has cast some sour votes just like we all have at least once. We know you won't anymopre because you got caught with your pants down an know we will be watching hahahah Great chop as always RW though I have no idea who this guys is or if he is worthy of your attention and magnificent skills.
You still did a darn good job on him, Pikeman. Congrats on the silver and you are also getting a Caricaturist of the Year award as a bonus.
Just did a Wiki on this guy. Okidoke. Don't think we have a Nobel contender but certainly he's more interesting than a dead pidgeon
Congrats rwpike on the silver...awesome work and happy new year.

Funny Rap Killers Eminem and Lil Wayne

Rap Killers Eminem and Lil Wayne
Eminem and Lil Wayne stand as Hip Hop's most sucessful rappers in recent years.
Member reactions:
This is a Hollywood poster-highest marks.
Fabulous job with many details. Love the gangsta teddy, .
thanks alot guys,I had fun doing this chop,by the way two of my favorite rappers
congrats dillema excellent caricature work...

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