John The No Nose Wayne
John The No Nose Wayne
John The No Nose Wayne. Member reactions:
The Duke not looking so tough here, and those expressive eyes. Lol. Great work on this, Hitman.
Taking the compression to the max and still pulling it off as natural dayam excellent Hits.

Funny Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne
Member reactions:
Like the shark teeth better than the gold teeth, very nice.

Funny John Wayne and His Friend

John Wayne and His Friend

Funny Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in Wayne's World

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in Wayne's World
We're Not Worthy.........Party On Ted, Party On Don Remember the snit Wayne and Garth got in with one another. The Donald Trump/Ted Cruz feud, explained Original view please.
Member reactions:
They fit perfectly. Cool beans
Thanks Boss. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Merry Christmas. ; )
Hahahaha The images fit perfectly. Good one.
Good to hear from you again, still Hot Airing it. Merry Christmas to U and Yours, and to all a good night.
I am indeed still posting at HA. Very Busy as well. ; )
Nice to see you again, Bmore. Been a while

Funny Lil Wayne Visits The Genius Bar

Lil Wayne Visits The Genius Bar
Tattoos Can Cause Apple Watches To Malfunction

Funny John Wayne And Lauren Bacall Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

John Wayne And Lauren Bacall Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge
Member reactions:
Its an ice tub challenge of the past fantastic work good one
Decent chop, though it looks like an after party after the Ice Bucket Challenge. The water dripping from the bucket looks somewhat like milk
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, its420 and Ilovelayers.
Congrats on the wood, Paulster. Thanks for editing the dripping water.

Funny Lil Wayne Tribute

Lil Wayne Tribute
Member reactions:
Very nice composite of effects. But if you want to grab the attention of the old fogies on this site do Waylon Jennings or Mic Jagger

Funny John Wayne Riding a Great Dane

John Wayne Riding a Great Dane
Member reactions:
It's not possible to ride with the dog....
I know Eric,I have a Great Dane.Its not supposed to be taken literally. It's a fantasy piece.I don't hop aboard my dog Jasmin and ride off into the Arizona desert.
Huh... why there is a trail of smoke behind the eagle... is it flying with gasoline John and Great Dane has their own rides crazy dogs
And the perspective of the dane and John Wayne don't quite work but it's on the right path.
Interesting work, but the added elements need to cast some shadows on each other and onto the ground

Funny John Wayne Mixed with Bashar Assad

John Wayne Mixed with Bashar Assad
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha looks exactly like my previous Manager who died of Mouth cancer

Funny John Wayne Guarding an Indian Pilgrim

John Wayne Guarding an Indian Pilgrim
Member reactions:
Good to see the change in the dress and nice grey-scale image

Funny Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky
The best hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky hits the big 5-0 today. How many hat tricks does The Great One have? 50, and yes that's a record. He has FOUR 200 point seasons. How many people have gotten even one 200 point season? Zero. The closest in NHL history that even came close was Mario Lemieux. In the 1988-89 Lemieux scored 199 points. Here are some little known facts about The Great One: * When he was a child, Wayne had trouble spelling his last name. * Wayne played on a ten year old hockey team when he was six. * At his retirement, Wayne's number (99) was retired by the league for all teams. No other NHL player will ever wear the number. * Wayne has or has had endorsements with the following: Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi-Cola Canada, McDonald's Canada, JVC, figurines for McFarlane Toys, Bill Blass Timepieces, the Wayne Gretzky clothing line at Hudson's Bay Co. and Ford. * Wayne uses a manual razor. And here's our favorite quote from The Great One: "You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Happy 50th Birthday, Wayne! To mark the 50th birthday of Wayne Gretzky, photoshop him any way you wish.

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