Henry Waxman Squirrel
Henry Waxman Squirrel
Henry Waxman Squirrel. Notice: Owing to outgoing Congressman Henry Waxman's uncanny resemblance to a rodent, the author is compelled to advise reviewers: This is actually a chop of a squirrel with Waxman's features. Redundant you say.
Member reactions:
Amazing eyebrow, spec and that yellow teeth is so crazy...Big nose buddy got my point
Cool beans I would, however, add some shadows from his hands and the bucket

Funny Henry Waxman Gollum

Henry Waxman Gollum
Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill View Sources
Member reactions:
Malkin is a feral sandbox. Waxman's a good guy. This image is absolutely brilliant.
totally kickass... grats in advance. (luv the textures)
Great work
I am, always, amazed at the artistic talent displayed at FN. Amazing entry-amazing detail and artistry.
Add me to the fan club for this entry too. and is that Hammer and Sickle communist sign on his chain, .
Just keeping it real Real, wonderful collection of characters in your artwork, I'm opening a gallery soon in congress.
You have done this choppin stuff before, ain't ya. Hhahaahaha sweeeeet.
Congrats on the gold, KIR. You never cease to amaze us with your creations.
Thanks all. I appreciate your comments and your votes. I believe it's my best score to date. I was almost ready to scrap this one because I wasn't happy with the way the body was turning out (you choppers know how that goes) but I just kept at it. Note: The lake in the background is Mono Lake in CA, a very weird lake.
Newsy - Yes, it's a Hammer & Sickle, kind of a cool one too. Have a great week everyone.
Total stroke of genius keeper...Always a challenge, never dissappointing.
That guy always reminds me of one of the trolls from Harry Potter. One heck of a good entry...............................

Funny Henry Waxman the Phantom of the Senate

Henry Waxman the Phantom of the Senate
Henry Waxman - California Senator, co-author of the Waxman-Markey Cap & Trade bill or Energy Bill. Sources Used
Member reactions:
No matter what ya do to Waxman , he is plain creepy.
Thanks all. You know the feeling of creating a photoshop monster. This was one of those. I spent most of my time experimenting with different skin textures. I kept trying to make him look freaky, but everything I did made him look better I never want to see Waxman again.
Wicked and clever satire work. Fits FN perfectly
Thoroughly creepy KIR... Excellent stuff.

Funny Henry Waxman the Vampire

Henry Waxman the Vampire
The head is from his official Senate photo and the body is a photo of a Harry Potter "Voldemort" figurine.

Funny Henry Waxman With No Nose or Eyebrows

Henry Waxman With No Nose or Eyebrows

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