Heat Wave
Heat Wave
Heat Wave. Las Vegas

Funny Wave Bye Bye

Wave Bye Bye

Funny - Wave,Wave...Give a pearl for a Wave!

- Wave,Wave...Give a pearl for a Wave!
http://www.wikipaintings.org/en/william-adolphe-bouguereau/wave-1896* -Wave,Wave...Give a pearl for a Wave. paraphrase to :"A horse. A horse. My kingdom for a horse"( King Richard III by William Shakespeare). Member reactions:
double entry.
Link doesn't work so, follow instructions at News contest.
* THK to all my dear friends...^v^
Excellent chop great use of the source and very well turned the sea bed as a dry land and the ships were submerged in the dry land excellent work done here
Congrats on your first of many Gold cups.
Link still doesn't work. Next time fix it or lose points.
*WAUuu...I am truly impressed...1001 THK to ALL my dear friends...for your attention and appreciation...from me to you,always all good...^v^
* CORECT dear friend geriatric..."Link still doesn't work"(...technical problem is NOT my fault)... but it is very easy to copy + paste + enter on google...all the best for you...^v^
Well done. I've featured you (again) on Bouguereau Remastered: http://www.bouguereau.net/Permalink: http://www.bouguereau.net/theres-something-missing-in-these-bouguereaus/Never stop.
Congrats on the gold, lucido.Wonderful remake.
Beautiful, congratulations.By the way Geriatric, not having a working link didn't affect the points. Only in the news contest is it mandatory.

Funny Wave Steals a Deck Chair

Wave Steals a Deck Chair
. Member reactions:
Some other day.. what about the shadow on deck whats flying over here.
Great to see the Cloud shadow and the chair on the sea. Funny crab here

Funny Big Wave About to Hit a Woman

Big Wave About to Hit a Woman
Just another 'Oh-crap..' moment.. Member reactions:
She is bracing for the big one. Very dramatic and well done.

Funny Waves at the Beach

Waves at the Beach
Simple and good. U have lightend the world, God bless her Nice
A removal like this is not easy. Excellent work.
I can't see the lady anywhere, very well done....

Funny Surfer Wishing for Waves

Surfer Wishing for Waves
. Member reactions:
This is a really cool surrealistic image. The background is an excellent choice.
Rock on the left needs shadows to match the figures in the image.
Excellent. Congrats on the silver, nepaguy.

Funny Presidents Helicopter Just Misses Tidal Wave

Presidents Helicopter Just Misses Tidal Wave
Barely made it...but hey don't worry about us tho.... Member reactions:
Nice job . . . not sure about the rain effect . . . it's doesn't look quite as real as the rest of the image . . .

Funny Woman Wearing a Bikini in the Waves

Woman Wearing a Bikini in the Waves
Original Painting by one of my favorites William-Adolphe Bouguereau (November 30, 1825 August 19, 1905)from France. Member reactions:
Great choice of suit, the pink ties are a bright touch. Nice original painting source, too.

Funny We Live Beneath The Waves Digital Art

We Live Beneath The Waves Digital Art
. Member reactions:
A twisted beauty.I'll have what he's having, .

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