Bear Waving to the Camera
Bear Waving to the Camera
Bear Waving to the Camera. Member reactions:
Good chop. Hat shadow looks strange to me.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Nice Bearspinner.
Absolutely awesome Hits.Love what you did with the fur and the face.Congrats on the gold
Un-Bearably cool. Grats on one of your best chops
Great caricature idea for the Bear, awesome composite, equals another Gold Cup. Congrats Hits.
Thank you Bob, Champ, Gummy, Andwhat, Elegary, Andrew, Luciano (fixed shadow- thanks) and Nanny
He is simply adorable, congrats on the win.
Gold bear for Hits - congrats. Love this one.

Funny Yogi Berra Waving Goodbye to Baseball Fans

Yogi Berra Waving Goodbye to Baseball Fans
Member reactions:
My Fav. Edit: Gold grats.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Wonderful caricature and tribute
Thanks, everyone. I grew up watching Yogi play.

Funny Hillary Clinton Waving to her Subjects

Hillary Clinton Waving to her Subjects
Member reactions:
very funny to see hillary on coronation tour with crazy horns on her head

Funny The Barcode Wave

The Barcode Wave
Member reactions:
Very original and technically stupendous.
Thanks very much all

Funny Invisible Surfer on a Wave

Invisible Surfer on a Wave

Funny Heat Wave in Las Vegas

Heat Wave in Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Funny Kim Jong Un Waving a USA Flag

Kim Jong Un Waving a USA Flag
No worries about war as long as we keep him supplied with Twinkies (oops).
Member reactions:
Rodman 2016,,, Damn.... You should have your Photo-chopping license suspended 90 days for that one.
, I sure would like to know who's the Mr. DuckFace he is supporting for prez in 2016.
Fantastic MsgtBob. The books are a great touch. Very Funny
It's gonna be close. But Hostess Brands are working feverishly to avoid war. Twinkies Return Expected by Summer
Hahahah, dictatoring for dunnies and survival guide.... Now that is funny schitck.

Funny Kim Jong Un Waving to his Subjects

Kim Jong Un Waving to his Subjects
Member reactions:
I think Newsy is putting on some weight. (also, well done.)
.... This is great chopping love to see all were waving for FN lovely 9th Birthday
Bronze congrats Pacovilla, love the big FN logo on the crowds.
Very nice job on your pic, congrats on the win.

Funny Barack Obama the Train Driver Waving Goodbye

Barack Obama the Train Driver Waving Goodbye
Wishful Thinking. Large Size View
Member reactions:
I don't care if he takes the Hogwart express or the last train to Clarksville so long as he is gone, and the sooner the better.
Thank you for your comments Gummy, Vicspa, and Hobbit...
Cute little monkey.. Accompanying Obama to his journey the ape is smoking the Obama is getting high lovely cap and nice facial expression of him
Thanks Rajeshstar, the cap did turn out well. Thanks much Ericnorthend, Thanks for the Star D-Man

Funny Waves Like White Horses

Waves Like White Horses
White horses is a term used for the white caps on waves in the ocean especially on a very windy or stormy day, the pic has a degree of simplicity but nevertheless, it has a got a certain appeal,
Member reactions:
It has a certain charm also. Please consider placing the bird in the sky area instead of the water.
Hey Vicspa Decisions, decisions, my first thought was to have the albatross gliding across the face of the wave which they tend to do and I stuck to my first thought and the placement I believe gives balance to the pic and adds to the composition.

Funny Waving Bear

Waving Bear
Bears were long considered frightening beasts, until President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt came along and started the "teddy bear" mania after the famous bear hunting accident. Since then teddy bears became an iconic children's toy and character celebrated in story, song, and film. Bears can be tamed and trained, but wild bears remain one of the most dangerous animals. They are predators and turn into real killing machines when they feel hungry or protective of their little ones. Those of you who have already seen "The Revenant" know the bear attack scene, which is a good reminder of the bear's real nature. Photoshop this photo of waving bear any way you wish.

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