Charlie Watts Playing the Drums Caricature
Charlie Watts Playing the Drums Caricature
Charlie Watts Playing the Drums Caricature. ANOTHER OLD ROLLING ROCK
Member reactions:
Beautificent. ...especially in full view.
Another excellent caricature is coming out
Super Work. Your Caricature fabulously/strongly connects/speaks to the observer.
no words to express...great creative work done
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. Coming up at the first spot in this contest was a challenge, considering so many outstanding competing entries here. A real honor.
Bwhahaha, I swear, Bobbleheads will be the death of me LMFAO. Excellent caricature and that royal chair wasn't wasted filler. That is funny.... Like playing sitting on a throne. Top cup Rickitiki Dude, another homer.

Funny Giant Mantis Capturing a Naomi Watts

Giant Mantis Capturing a Naomi Watts
Member reactions:
Great idea of making it as a monster taking a girl and look at the rescue team of MIB, very nice good luck
Excellent now the grasshopper got a girl friend, now another Kingkong in the making

Funny Charlie Watts the Drummer Boy

Charlie Watts the Drummer Boy
Happy Birthday Charlie Watts

Funny Naomi Watts Eyes

Naomi Watts Eyes

Funny Naomi Watts the Vampire

Naomi Watts the Vampire
Member reactions:
Bloody hell. That's an awesome chop. You should make the hairline a bit cleaner and with stronger lines for perfection.
Heart breaker (or eater.) Artistic work here

Funny Naomi Watts as the Mona Lisa

Naomi Watts as the Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
The hair bothers me a little. For the rest it looks pretty good.
I agree, seems like the original hair is still there...otherwise looks good
I think her face also could be a bit bigger and I'd lower the contrast on the face. She makes a pretty Mona though
I agree re critique, also there's a bit too much of "noise" filter by looks of it.

Funny Naomi Watts Jack in a Box

Naomi Watts Jack in a Box
Member reactions:
One of the best in the contest, i think. Good job on the box.
Meert. Love the entry
Congrats on an out of the "box" entry. Great win.
Is probably hanging on Watts her name's wall right now.
Congratulations, Sid - a gold in the box here.

Funny Naomi Watts Pop Art

Naomi Watts Pop Art
Please View Full Naomi Source
Member reactions:
The mouth is so hard with the lines around it. Other than that it's a great picture.
Great advice jeremix, thanks for the critique... (Edited)
I think some of the lines could be nicer when they're smaller.
Naomi Watts gives me a woody too. congrats (again) Hamid.
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..
Hamid got wood again. Congratulations, mate

Funny Naomi Watts Portrait

Naomi Watts Portrait

Funny Cyborg Naomi Watts

Cyborg Naomi Watts
They are Ready to attack on us. They are recharged, Do not get surprised if you face yourself but a humunoid. They will get Totall Control and they are busy with making of Clones. . My Favourite Chop here.
Member reactions:
Great idea turning Naomi into a robot. Love the background
Very creative cyborg chop. Congrats on the bronze krish.
Congrats krish, excellent work. my fav. in this contest. Cheers. (ps. is that rug burn on her knees....or what.)
congrats very imaginative.. creative nice style
Congrats krish excellent cyborg... funkwood...
Nice to see you again and in top 3 again, krish. Congratulations.

Funny Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts
British actress Naomi Watts turned 40 last Sunday. She's best known for her roles in Mulholland Drive, the remake of King Kong, and The Ring. My personal favorite of Naomi's performances was her role in 21 Grams, which brought her the Academy Award nomination for the best actress. We wish her Happy (belated) Birthday and Academy Awards for her future roles! Photoshop Naomi Watts any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what other movies Watts could have played in, designing a poster for her sequel movies, merging Naomi with any other celebrity, etc.

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