Pumbaa in a Watermelon
Pumbaa in a Watermelon
Pumbaa in a Watermelon. Zbrush steps Photoshop steps
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win, one heck of a cutie.
Excellent imagination.. Congrats on the cup.
Hi-tech work, very skilled use of zbrush and photoshop. Congrats on the bronze, ZC.

Funny Watermelon Woman

Watermelon Woman
Everyone knows that you are what you eat, people's health are based on what they eat. Just this week another news reminds us that
Member reactions:
thanks to all of you guys, im just warming up

Funny Barack Obama with a Watermelon

Barack Obama with a Watermelon
Yes, you can beat the summer heat with watermelons

Funny Watermelon Earth

Watermelon Earth
Member reactions:
Nice Filters used.... and the Earth as Watermelon is really a good one... Earth contains full water as the Watermelon good thinking
Nice one. you have a little streak of blue showing through onto the fingers.
Good to know Earth is not rotten on the inside.
Guess you didn't spot the boader mark across the right social finger. Other than that, old theme with a refreshing new twist. Well done

Funny Man Catchig a Watermelon

Man Catchig a Watermelon
Player Muffed the Melon Toss.

Funny Girl's Watermelon House

Girl's Watermelon House
Member reactions:
Love pigeon-toed Blondes with Teddy Bears. Good luck.
Fairy tale for grown up men. Quality stuff. Watermelon house sells this image.
Love pigeon-toed Blondes and watermelon. Nice job.
Looks like a Carl Rohrig painting. Very nicely done
I don't know the guy but thank you so much. Used just my imagination

Funny Summer Watermelon Moon

Summer Watermelon Moon
Member reactions:
I see a moon....but not the one in the contest
Stiillll ... some source image should be visible as per contest directions...
The resources which used part.. I do not see..
I can see part of the moon beneath the melon skin, it is not clear in small view, the author has used the source & made a melon out of it.
The moon is there if you look at Hi Res. Good job.
did not notice the moon at first. It's visible in full view though.

Funny Watermelon Eye

Watermelon Eye
Hate to say it but please view full.
Member reactions:
The iris doesn't cast a shadow on the white of the eye ... at least I dont think so.
Not sure what you mean. I haven't put a shadow in or I have put a shadow where there shouldn't be one... The iris does actually protrude out of the egg shaped eye..
If you view full it isn't as dark... Thanks RKay.. I know how you feel...
Congrats on wood PS. Nicely done and quite effective. Well done on your first medal.
Thanx everyone for your votes & comments...
Excellent blend. Congratulations on the wood, PStone.

Funny Cat Resting on a Watermelon

Cat Resting on a Watermelon
This is my cat Swoosh. The original photo was her on my back deck hanging over the railing. The background houses is from the Saint Georges Bridge area in Delaware I took a couple weeks back.
Member reactions:
. Thats cute as hell. Should maybe do a CATZ comment in the picture instead of just the name of the entry. Thats what this pic reminds me of..
This is cute. A little odd on the upper right arm... A little of the melon (small outer line) needs to be removed or something maybe.
Thanks, I changed the title and cleaned up the upper right arm.
Cute cat. I like how you used your sources here an the composition is cute - would work for children's books. Some shadows are needed here though - for more realism - from the cat as well as from the watermelon on the grass

Funny Watermelon Person

Watermelon Person
Member reactions:
This is kinda scary but not sure what you are stabbing 'it' with. Like a soft toy ferret with a big red toungue.. Love what you did with victim though...
Thanks fellas... I'm really worried I may be pushing the limits of the rules on this. Anyways, I did it, I like it, I submitted and...

Funny Watermelon

Photoshop this watermelon image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: giving this watermelon some paint-jobs, merging the watermelon with other fruits, vegetables, objects or animals, putting the watermelon into some unusual environment, using this watermelon image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Sanja Gjenero and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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