Funny Animal Watercrafts?

Animal Watercrafts?
[ "A new aquatic vehicle, "bionic dolphin", that can take passengers beneath the surface of the water, revolve 360 degrees and stand upright like a dolphin, may be released as early as next year. The dolphin-resembling watercraft can travel 300 miles without refueling, and has a range of applications as entertainment aquatic vehicle, rescue watercraft, and aquatic taxi." ] I love the dolphin vehicle concept, but servicing it may be a bitch, especially if it breaks down in the middle of the ocean: - Hello, watercraft service? Yeah, we are at 1 19.554' S 109 30.190' W Pacific Ocean. We have an emergency - we have a flat flipper and are out of spares. Plus, tail is leaking some stinky stuff which attracts sharks. It looks like we got lost in the wrong neighborhood. - Stay put. We'll be there within 3 days. In this contest you are asked to photoshop above-water watercrafts or underwater watercrafts, which look like any aquatic animal. Your entries should look like aquatic vehicles rather than aquatic robots.

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