The Parrot People Watcher
The Parrot People Watcher
The Parrot People Watcher. This gentleman is studying the habits of humans in North America
Member reactions:
The attention to details and photo realism is so brilliant here - that bird dude almost scares me just being so real.
I love the parrot you had chosen, it fits perfect. A sure winner here, excellent job.
Gorgeous, congrats on a much deserve win. Love the book.

Funny Weight Watchers Cloud Cakes

Weight Watchers Cloud Cakes
Member reactions:
Good Wafer design... watch your weight... the Bun looks like its made of Egg White... good one
Thank you all very much. I'm sad to say Cloud Cakes will never replace the twinkie but if they ever make them low-cal maybe it's a good thing. Thank You again, Nanny

Funny Night Watcher

Night Watcher
be careful if you want to go out in the night.
Member reactions:
great work gocerart.. congrats on the woody and keep up the great works

Funny The Watcher

The Watcher

Funny Woman Sea Watcher

Woman Sea Watcher
tee hee ^_^

Funny Turtle Watchers on Beach

Turtle Watchers on Beach

Funny Voyage of the Watcher Digital Art

Voyage of the Watcher Digital Art

Funny Nostradamus The Watcher

Nostradamus The Watcher
The spirit of Nostradamus watches from above....
Member reactions:
Looks interesting but not sure whet the prediction is

Funny Weight Watchers Cat

Weight Watchers Cat
He's a fat cat, tabby cat, rat-a-tat, kitty cat, he's a hep cat, with a high hat, magnificat, rat-a-tat-tat. Wildcat, mud cat, sitting in his habitat with a hardhat, eating vats of butterfat, looking out for the bureaucrat, tit for tat, vampire bat, rat-a-tat-tat.
Member reactions:
Continuing to prove that an animal related contest can't take place without this cat showing up.
Maybe he should become the official mascot of Freaking News.

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