Snake Wasp
Snake Wasp
Snake Wasp.

Funny The Jazz Wasp Playing a Saxophone

The Jazz Wasp Playing a Saxophone
Member reactions:
This is a SUPER chop. I just wish it followed the directions (glasses in "movies" and "art")

Funny Egg Wasp Nest

Egg Wasp Nest

Funny Battery Powered Wasp

Battery Powered Wasp
Member reactions:
Great idea. It's just me.... but maybe turn the batterry around and distort the (+) terminal into a stinger .
hmmm tis an idea. will see what it looks like thanks
if i were to change it, i'd put a bit of a bulge in the battery to mimick a bees rear end

Funny Mutant Wasp

Mutant Wasp
Member reactions:
Wouldn't want to see this critter anywhere near me o_0 Looks so real.

Funny Wasp Landing On Aircraft Carrier

Wasp Landing On Aircraft Carrier

Funny Giant Wasps Landing on Aircraft Carrier

Giant Wasps Landing on Aircraft Carrier
Thanks to marc1975 at stock.xchng for the wasp source pic
Member reactions:
Cool idea, try tossing in some slight shadow under the remaining legs to help anchor them to the deck. a couple appear to be floating a little
master and servant.. where's the Blue Bug Team. good job.

Funny Wasp Passenger Jet

Wasp Passenger Jet
With the concentration on the Environment, the gas guzzling airliners come out with new paint jobs to give the impression that they care... Full view is 2x as large.
Member reactions:
This is one mean airplane. I would think twice before flying in this one
i'm not scared, i'm just allergic to yellow jackets
Imagine the damage the stinger could do .

Funny Giant Wasp Spider

Giant Wasp Spider
Arachnespheksophobia- Fear of hybrid insects having spider-wasp features.
Member reactions:
scary, the spider-wasp looks great, job well done
Almost believable - definitely nightmarish
As if spiders weren't scary enough, now they can fly. Nice job.

Funny Rainbow Colored Wasp

Rainbow Colored Wasp
I hope you like it. please comment
Member reactions:
Brilliant colors on this wasp are absolutely beautiful. Nicely done.

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