Wounded Warrior
Wounded Warrior
Wounded Warrior . Member reactions:
Poor little guy is hurt, good work on chop.
Gold Congrats Debbie. Awesome work, great job with the water reflections.
Congrats double trophy in the contest, AndWhat.
Congrats Debbie excellent work 😎👍🏼
Thanks hobbit,I felt bad chopping this little guy injured, cause I love seals and hate the barbaric seal hunt.All seals really are warriors.Thanks UncleChamp,Wanderer,Bob and PS

Funny Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors
Go 4 It

Funny Warrior

Member reactions:
Nice Source

Funny Weary Warrior with a Sword at Sunset

Weary Warrior with a Sword at Sunset
Model: Jazmine Dominique Photographer: Marcus J. Ranum source images The Best View
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love the burning skeleton with the arrow and how you blended all the items. Very cinematic.
Yes, very impressive, Mr. Hidden. The gates are Japanese, right. They always remended the letter Pi for me
Thank you Jeremix. I have seen a lot of fires set lately. Glad you like this one.
Thanks Newsmaster. Yes it's a Japanese Gate. I believe it to be a Hachiman Torii.
Thanks for the source images, shows the work in building this masterpiece.
A master work for sure. Makes me want to just toss my chops into a camp fire.
Mood chop, killer theme full of silence and thrill in the air
Thanks Uncle-C. Lots Of Enjoyable Work. Thanks very much Hits. Thanks, but don't do that Gummy. But if you do, make sure to bring some marshmallows and a stick wit ya. Thanks Eric. Thanks Lu. I'm not sure why your laughing, but that's cool. It's healthy for us to laugh.
congrats Spltski. This chop grew on me. What ya hang in the tree.
Silver congrats, Splat. Love the lighting.
Silver Congrats Splats ... thoughtful and mood provoking in composition, color tone, and execution alike
Silver sword for Splat Samurai. Congrats. Nice new avatar too
Thanks very much Bob. Thanks Jere... a different sort of W.I.P. wouldn't you say. It's a Hanged Bird, Jere. ..I tried the word hung instead of hanged, and it just sounds wrong... Thanks, Paul. Due to MsgtBob's lighting tips. Thanks QTR-Moon. Very Much Appreciated... Thanks, Newsy. It's a caricature of myself. I probably didn't make the forehead big enough.. Thanks, Gumster.
Silver Congrats S.S. great choice of sources, turned into an awesome piece of artwork.
Congrats on the silver SplatShot,You never fail to amaze

Funny Mr Spock the Eternal Warrior for the Logical

Mr Spock the Eternal Warrior for the Logical
Vita Est Nihil Sine Logica (Life is nothing without logic) reads the Coat of Arms of Spock, the eternal warrior for logic, enemy of the random, champion of an ordered Universe.

Funny Warrior Matthew McConaughey

Warrior Matthew McConaughey
Member reactions:
I dont think the brench and parrot are so near Matthew, so oarrot so parrot should be smaller and blurry.

Funny Warrior On a Gorilla Horse Hybrid

Warrior On a Gorilla Horse Hybrid
Member reactions:
GreatVery well executed.. Looks Real Warrior
Xaos54 congrats he is quite the adversary ... :o
Congrats on the silver, Mr. Chaos. This chop makes me wanna play some RPG games again.
Thanks Newsy, Geriatric, JimShorts, balodiya, Kellie, Preee, and an extra big hug to the member who voted a 5 FIVE..
Nice looking chop, Xaos. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats, i enjoy it much and i like the progressive blured backgound .
Thank you very much Ariatien and Splatshot. Thanks for POTD Newsy.
You are very welcome, Chaos This is a great piece.

Funny Two headed Woman Warrior

Two headed Woman Warrior
Girl BG Dragon
Member reactions:
She is awesome excellent way you put together her heads with a no scope of scars on her is really amazing
so stunning her both heads are very nicely fixed
Woody Congratulations Sunshine, just a beautiful job you did
Woody congrats, Lady Sunshine. Welcome back.
Congrats on the Wood, sunshine nice to see you again
Your work is beautiful as always Corinna ...

Funny Red Asian Warrior Princess

Red Asian Warrior Princess
Asian Warrior Princess
Member reactions:
Nice, but putting in sources sometimes makes it easier for people to know what to vote in relation to what you did.
I see what u mean Mac, lovely source though if I didnt see ur link I wouldv voted a whole diff way. Also the watermark really is a distraction & FN contests are about anonymity. Good luck anyways
Nice work of Background it matches and looks original

Funny Warrior In the Mountains

Warrior In the Mountains
All Uphill From Here

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