Warning Signs
Warning Signs
Warning Signs. Warning Signs
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Clinton didn't make it to the White House the Orange Idiot did....
Oh my another clinton lie. He who is without sin, throw the first stone. What is ... ual offensive to whom, man or God Proud to be American,voted right.
I was talking about the ... offender BILL Clinton. how soon they forget,
What we have now doesn't even compare to any past President... not even Clinton, or Nixon.. Trump has made Clinton look like Mother Teresa....

Funny Bad Pedestrian Warning Sign

Bad Pedestrian Warning Sign
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Congrats top 5, DDB.
Clean, simple and on topic. Congrats on the top 5

Funny Tiger Warning

Tiger Warning
Member reactions:
Tiger is looking smart,perfect work, I like it.

Funny Warning to Joe Biden

Warning to Joe Biden
North Korea Says Leader's Uncle Was Executed
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North Korea's like another parallel universe, isn't it. Biden puts his foot in his mouth again and again and again.. and Obama finally sends him to the firing squad...can you imagine that ever happening in our neck of the woods. Nope. Great pic.

Funny Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign in Syria

Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign in Syria

Funny GMO Food Warning

GMO Food Warning
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Wonderful job done on the face looks like a dreadly virus is attacked over the face good news link
Such a fantastic work, a perfect chop with freaky concept and lovely colors, she had a amazing stuff to eat that too is live
Thanks all...it's hopping to a store near you
Congratulations. It wasn't a stretch to figure-out this entry was yours. Love it.
perfect. congrats rain.... i love the fun ..the creativity,,
Lots of work went into this. Congrats on franken-silver, AZ.

Funny Warning From Space

Warning From Space
a pic i did using several screenshots from the movie.

Funny Bomb Warning Road Sign

Bomb Warning Road Sign
"It's a good idea to stay clear of T 72's on this road".
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Looks real too. What does it say on the sign.
"Sign reads 'STOP' I'd say that would be good advise." .
Hahaha. Nice idea. Seems many people used this blasting source
Cool. I must learn some of these crucial words you know... in case I'm in Libya one day.

Funny Internet Virus Warning

Internet Virus Warning
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Cool concept and nice out of bounds effect here

Funny Swine Flu Virus Warning Sign

Swine Flu Virus Warning Sign
I thought about the old Bogart film: Treasures of the Sierra Madre (1946). I'm cool with friends crossing the border- but let's keep the virus out.
Member reactions:
Love how you blended the face. The words "Flu Virus" need some blurring and rotation to match the sign they are on.

Funny Hurricane Warning Signs

Hurricane Warning Signs
President Obama and Governor Romney canceled their campaign events as Hurricane Sandy, bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, has forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands residents. Over 8000 flights are canceled, Wall Street is shut, nine US states declared emergency. Photoshop street signs (and road traffic signs) that should warn people to stay away from the hurricane-active areas.

Funny Product Warnings

Product Warnings
Select any product or device, and design obvious and ridiculous warnings to it.

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