One Warm Classy Bird.
One Warm Classy Bird.
One Warm Classy Bird.. Member reactions:
Good one Hobbit, she's got the Winter cosmopolitan look.

Funny Lucky Duck, He's All Warm.

Lucky Duck, He's All Warm.
Member reactions:
Great job on this as well. The Trump wall game is the cherry on top.. Woody Twofer Congrats, Hobbit.
A twofer..... My fave... so quirky hahahahah

Funny Leo stops Global Warming

Leo stops Global Warming

Funny Global warming effects 3

Global warming effects 3

Funny Global warming effects 2

Global warming effects 2
Member reactions:
The problem here, is that you have the viewer in the air, looking down, which is fine with the ship, but the coliseum image is a straight on view.

Funny Global warming effects

Global warming effects
Member reactions:
Where are the pyramids of Menkaure and Kephren.

Funny Thank You for Global Warming

Thank You for Global Warming
Member reactions:
If you like it can have it in spring too.
Honestly I think this is freaking brilliant.
I thought about doing Al Gore but got side tracked on Obama. This is great. I really dig the style. It is so graphically appealing. Is this original source some sotrt of Xmas card art. The whole thing looks like well merged mixed media... good one. I like when the chop disappears and makes one look
Thanx newsy and hitspinner. The first effort used Al Gore as opposed to the snowman. I think it's weird that people follow the guy... The background presumably is from the recent snowfall in Buffalo NY.

Funny Penguins for Global Warming

Penguins for Global Warming
makes ya go ehmmm
Member reactions:
I like this image and nice dress of all penguin
Hilarious like their under pants and round conference
I really love this,, just a bunch of dudes standing around,
Hysterical and very well done. Congrats on the theme image pick.

Funny Global Warming Creates Monster Michelle Obama

Global Warming Creates Monster Michelle Obama
The results of global warming left unchecked
Member reactions:
Beware of Global warming or else everybody will have a face like that women

Funny Home is a Warm Pumpkin

Home is a Warm Pumpkin
Member reactions:
Very well said... and nice to see Pumpkin is decorated as our home
Good conceptual work with Pumpkin fairy tale house

Funny Global Warming

Global Warming
Copenhagen climate summit this year is surrounded by scandals. Climate sceptics show that emails stolen from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia prove that scientists were willing to manipulate climate change data to show an increase in global warming and question the 160-year old record. Besides the data manipulation, the Copenhagen climate summit is filled with irony - the world's most famous environmentalists arrived at the summit in private limos (over 1,100) and private jets (over 140)... just like the world's most famous climate guru Al Gore. Let us show effects of global warming this way: Take any famous architecture (building(s), statue(s), bridge(s), etc.) and change the environment around it. For instance in a desert, underwater (partial or full submersion), or dry and cracked earth, etc. Here's one good example by Xxxxxpp (dry land), and another good example (partial submersion) by AZRainman.

Funny Global Warming

Global Warming
Recent surveys by Yale University, Gallup and the ClearVision Institute revealed that 68 percent of Americans consider global warming as a major threat, and that life on earth could continue without severe harm only if the society takes drastic measures to stop and reduce global warming. Forty percent of the surveyed Americans said a presidential candidate's position on global warming is one of the major factors when casting their votes. Show what life would be like with extreme global warming. Think of temperatures so high that could melt buildings and objects, make animals look fried, eggs in nests get boiled or fried, drinks go vaporized, etc...

Funny Global Warming

Global Warming
Scientists from around the world gathered Monday in Paris at global warming summit to discuss the rising global temperatures and rising sea levels. Global warming Summit. The summit is on... the brains are crunching... The Pope himself attended the summit and said if temperatures get any higher the good people will go to heaven and the bad people will go to Florida.In this contest we ask you to break out your best and show us what effects global warming will have on the world. An example would be hula girls in Alaska or snow capped Hawaiian islands or effects of a hundred year storm.

Funny Global Warming

Global Warming
Photoshop one of the following: How life will be like in LA and other cities as Greenlands melts because of global warming, show how to use Greenland's melting to our benefits, or what can be done to deal with the global warming problem.

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