Ballerina With Blue Hair Dancing in a Surreal Warehouse
Ballerina With Blue Hair Dancing in a Surreal Warehouse
Ballerina With Blue Hair Dancing in a Surreal Warehouse. Member reactions:
Dynamic lighting really makes this one. This is a real beauty.
Very cool, love how you used the clown from American Horror Story.Thats one of my favorite shows
TY, Andwhat. Twisty is one of the Scary Elite
Great surrealism. Only nit-pick is that the arm with the clubs is not casting a shadow (which covering the lower right corner of that frame would give it an even better out-of-bounds appearance).
Thanks... Gummy. Thanks Bob. Great catch.
Thanks, Bob, Gumster, and Andrew. Thanks for the great comments and high scores everyone. I enjoyed building this one and gained a couple of good ideas from it. I guess sometimes all you need to do is start.
Thank you very much, Andwhat and Hits.
Many awesome magical details here, Splat. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks, PS. Thanks very much, Newsy. Magical...ahh shoot. Now I wish I had added some pixie dust for effect. Doh... Thanks for the fav.
Thanks, Hobbit. When I added Twisty to this mix, It reminded me of you and your many wonderful OOB chops.

Funny Rebuilding a Brick Warehouse

Rebuilding a Brick Warehouse
Member reactions:
A little blurry in spotsof the scaffolding, but otherwise a good job. Lighting is great.
Janna has a good point. Good composition.

Funny Warehouse Pimp

Warehouse Pimp
"Honey I just bought us a Ho house." {Word filter won't let me put the correct word.
Member reactions:
funny idea, just blend your sources better, and take your time. Also, not really in the theme of Dyslexia.
It is but I can't use the right word, it is based on the joke where pimp thinks he has bought a wh o re house but finds he has bought a warehouse. It is a well known dyslexic joke.
The lady is more better then the concept of Wh o re house like the way she standing holding that Lips Shaped Hand bag Awesome like your idea

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