WAR AND PEACE. Member reactions:
Creative. Makes me thing of psychedelic art contest we had
We should have another, NM --> Great Job OSW

Funny Kim Ready For War

Kim Ready For War
Kim Dictator
Member reactions:
Thank you Crafty, Bob and Duane. Yeah, two in a row. What a way to celebrate the New Year
Darn good chop, he really is One Big Nut Case, congrats on the win.
Thank you, Allan, NY Rob, Andrew, Hobbit, Champ and MrAssad. In spite of all the Trump noise, this Kim weaseljust sticks out in my head as the most begging to be chopped and lampooned. It really was a struggle to decide which one to chop.


Member reactions:
I really thought this would win. Got a high mark from me.
Thanks for the comments but I think the artist that won deserved the victory

Funny Star Wars,Back To The Future Mashup

Star Wars,Back To The Future Mashup


eSyria conflict: Russian war crimes claim 'rhetoric' says Putin
Member reactions:
This needs to be made into art and submitted somewhere as a political commentary piece. Great job.
Thank you, TheGimp. If gas delivery will be done from Qatar Russia cease to exist. Russia has today only gas and oil and ... very old nuclear weapons.
Good one but it taks a lot of time to see all details.

Funny One last Selfie before War..

One last Selfie before War..
One last Selfie before War..
Member reactions:
Thought this one was in the money. Nice one Mundo

Funny Man War

Man War

Funny Ginsburg vs Trump in the War of Words

Ginsburg vs Trump in the War of Words
Crossing the Line
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup,excellent chop, u did good.
Great tooning, UC. Grats on the silver too. One of the last judges must have snuck you past me -cause last I looked I was in the silver spot. Booo hooo
Thank you, Preemie Lucian, Bob, Gummy and HoHouse, I appreciate it. Thanks Hits, I put an enormous anount of work in it, an anytime I can sneak by you is a huge accomplishment. Thanks for the nice compliment, Wanderer.
Well the enormous work payed off I love the style and mood of the work .I mostly love clean work like this Great job. Congrats .
I thank you for that wonderful compliment, Pree.. You made my day
Thanks Jeff, appreciated. The cleanness of your work is amazing.

Funny George Bush as Dali's Face of War

George Bush as Dali's Face of War

Funny War in syria

War in syria
most sources Fight or flight: surprise attack on Falluja poses dilemma for Islamic State
Member reactions:
Nice job, got to find a better way to post sources if you want credit for them, maybe TinyPic. Don't want to create an account to sign into shutterfly, too much trouble.
Well, it was fixed, but now that site has gone off line as well. Tinypic wants confirmation that you aren't a bot by asking you a question, but the question never shows... got it now...
It's right above it, it's progressive, it is confusing
With me it just shows a blank space...confusing indeed.. Postimg.org works just fine though.
I might loose that white thru the helicopter's glass tho.
I don't understand the Statue of Liberty's torch being in this chop...
Just symbolism, Crafty. Growing freedom and all that. Just as the ISIS grave is symbolism.
In my opinion lights on helicopter should be reversed, but chop is wonderful
Great chop... Congrats on the gold... I missed entering this contest by 30 seconds. Bummed me out. Don't spend your winnings all in one place
Grats jer, well deserved, nice piece, posted sources and that's a pain in the bottom.
Congrats on the Gold Jere. Thanks for sources, shows phenomenal finish work..
Thanks everyone. sorry for the late reaction. i really had to catch up on sleep after skipping a night.
Congrats, Jere.... This really pops. I like the dark contrast. )

Funny Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies
The internet is buzzing about the latest Star Wars film - "The Force Awakens" - which is opening in theaters this week. If you are a Star Wars fan like us, you know that premiere tickets in most theaters are sold out. Put Star Wars characters into any other movies. Many thanks to LunaC for the themepost.

Funny Star Wars in Real Life

Star Wars in Real Life
The new installment of the Star Wars saga "The Force Awakens" will hit the theaters December 18, but ticket presales started yesterday. Jedi fans all over the world crashed major ticketing sites, rushing to buy tickets. Let's be honest - the Force Awakens trailer, released less than 24 hours ago - is quite promising. To prepare for the movie premiere, let's put Star Wars characters in real life. E.g. give them new jobs, make them promote products and services, etc. Many thanks to AZRainman for the themepost.

Funny Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies
The upcoming Monday is Star Wars Day. It is always observed on May the 4th because it's the only day of the year when you go around saying "May the fourth be with you!" - the pun on the immortal phrase from the Star Wars saga. To celebrate the upcoming Star Wars Day, merge any movie, cartoon, or TV series/sitcom with any of the Star Wars movies. May the 4th Be With You! Many thanks to salis2006 for the themepost.

Funny Vintage Star Wars

Vintage Star Wars
Canadian artist Terry Fan created a fascinating series of images where he'd put the Star Wars characters into vintage Victorian photographs, which quickly became viral among the Star Wars fans. Photoshop any Star Wars characters into any vintage photographs. Themepost image credit: Terry Fan

Funny War Movies

War Movies
The Crimean crisis is escalating. Past Sunday Crimeans held a referendum resulting in 97% of the voters supporting Crimea becoming a part of Russia. On Monday Crimea declared its independence, and today Putin signed two decrees - first one acknowledging the independence of Crimea, and the second - accepting Crimea into Russia. The border between Ukraine and Crimea is now officially declared by Moscow as the Russian border. Neither the referendum, nor the Crimea's joining of Russia is accepted by the western countries, which are preparing strong sanctions against Russia and are not ruling out any military operations. Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that any sanctions against Russia will result in even stronger counter-sanctions. Noone besides China is siding with Russia in this conflict, but even just China is a big international power and can not be neglected either. China and Russia are two post-communist countries that have enough nuclear weapons to turn the US into "radioactive dust", Russian state TV Channel 1 stated on Monday. It looks like Russia and the west are ready to make war, not love. Take any non-war movie and give it a war theme. Some examples are: give uniforms and weapons to movie characters and movie posters, add military units, nukes, explosions, destruction, smoke. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Sassydeb for the themepost.

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