I am the Walrus!
I am the Walrus!
I am the Walrus!. base image; http://imgur.com/a/ujEyE

Funny Smoking Walrus

Smoking Walrus

Funny Mythical Walrus Pet

Mythical Walrus Pet
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, Justin. Your first gold with us...

Funny Flipped Headed Walrus

Flipped Headed Walrus

Funny Walrus Toad

Walrus Toad
Member reactions:
Nice Waltoad. I kept one as a pet back in the sixties until he ate all my acid. HA HA.

Funny Einstein Walrus

Einstein Walrus
Member reactions:
Cool. The equation on the blackboard is a nice touch
. Great chop and hilarious formula on the blackboard.
Awesome. Luv the multicolored hair and face effects. Also nice morphing with the walrus.
Great colors on the hair... Nicely done..
Congrads Hitman, I'm still thinking about my comment.
Nice composition .. like the hair in full. He looks kind of sad
Thank you for the high votes. I'm happy it pleased you all. I'm having to fit chops in between work and honey-dos so I'm out of the big production chop mode for a bit. kanakahaole, I think he smoked salmon
Congrats HitSSS... Your style is definitely shining in this contest.... although poor Einstein does look a little sad, heheh... Do luv the equation tho, .
Congrats, on the "smart gold" here, Mr. Walrus.
Great Work Hitspinner... Congrats on the gold.....

Funny Camel Walrus Moose Animal

Camel Walrus Moose Animal
What sound would it make.
Member reactions:
It seems camels mated with moose after they were introduced to Canada. Great work.

Funny Yoda Walrus

Yoda Walrus

Funny Walrus Soldier

Walrus Soldier
Member reactions:
I'm looking at someone who reminds me of my husband. .

Funny Squirrel with Walrus Teeth

Squirrel with Walrus Teeth

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