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Funny Walnut Pictures

Snail with a Walnut ShellFunny Snail with a Walnut Shell
Member reactions:

Walnut TurtleFunny Walnut Turtle
Member reactions:

Please vote... Thanks

Squirrels with a Golden WalnutFunny Squirrels with a Golden Walnut
Member reactions:
its ours...... full view pls.
Clever work. Congrats on the wood, Silver.
Congrats on the wood silvercanine, nice job.

Walnut Nut BirdFunny Walnut Nut Bird
Member reactions:

Bird made with walnut source only and the background from I chopped portion of the background of the branch source and duplicated it Hope you like it Background portions
Simply a genius work. You have exceeded my expectations of what could be done with this source.
Thanks everyone this was sooo fun to make
congrats on the gold...well deserved..thought yours was awesome..
Congrats on the win, m-note. Truly a masterpiece here.
Congratulations. Like I said:'unique' and a winner.
Nice execution of the walnut....great win congrats.
Nice execution of the walnut....great win congrats.
Congrats on the gold musicalnote, great job.

Starship Shooting Walnut AsteroidsFunny Starship Shooting Walnut Asteroids
Member reactions:

Freaking brilliant concept and great excecution. Excellant chop.
awesome the light very well..
congrats on the silver mate..well done....
I agree with the above. Perfect fit for the composition and perfect execution. Congrats on the silver, OLH.
Well, OneLostHippie appears to have found himself: Congratulations.
Thanks been pinning me down lately, but I managed to slip free and toss one out....OLH
Congrats on the silver OneLostHippie, great chop.

Walnut CrabsFunny Walnut Crabs
Member reactions:

tried to edit this more and it wont load for some reason..added more eyes and stuff and a beard,
Hilarious concept. Nicely blended. Congrats on the bronze, Goat.
thanks Newsy and Musy and pike...was so fun to make..and a pleasure to compete,,
You are on a roll Goat so... C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S. I thought this was a chuckle.
Congrats on the bronze Goat.. Very creative chop.

Bruce Willis Walnut HeadFunny Bruce Willis Walnut Head
Member reactions:

Great chop. luv the title . Where'd ya find that mug shot of bruce.
LoL great idea. Here's one the same FW
Great work your colour effect's
He's nuts. Love how you blended the walnut showing that Bruce is open-minded

Walnut Turtle HybridFunny Walnut Turtle Hybrid
Member reactions:

i love this one, it remember me my turtle (+)
Another turtle in the background is a nice touch. Overall solid, professional work.
great junka. this one deserves gold for sure. once again... make us proud...

Walnut Revenge on a SquirrelFunny Walnut Revenge on a Squirrel
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Walnut Man ShootingFunny Walnut Man Shooting
Member reactions:

Great blending into this cool character.

WalnutFunny Walnut - Photoshop this image of walnut (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: designing other objects using this walnut, merging it with some animals, opening this walnut, putting the walnut into some new environment, using this walnut image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Pam Roth and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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