Walmart Greeter
Walmart Greeter
Walmart Greeter. Member reactions:
Excellent work. Please change the word sh*t for something publicly acceptable like "crap"
Like the monetary offer for this job good one
Darn good one, I hate that store. Congrats on the win.

Funny Walmart Goofs On Prices

Walmart Goofs On Prices
Walmart won't honor absurdly low prices listed on its website
Member reactions:
Walmart won't honor something it said. And they use to be such a good company too. They learned that from our White House Occupier.
Half brother of Obama is trying to show what he brother trying to steal the show.... love the kid with currency intention to buy that TV
Made me laugh. Obama has been trying to sell lots of things to Americans for years
...and the wood - triple congrats, Paulster.
Thanks, everyone. You've got that right, Newsy.

Funny Walmart Heir Races Cars

Walmart Heir Races Cars
The heir to the Walmart fortune has a $16 Million dollar hobby of racing cars Walmart employees are not very happy about this extravagance.
Member reactions:
Wal Mart's fleet of racing cars were run by their Playboy son's Like the caricature and the obstructions placed on this chop
Indeed There is the difference between a person who has only known poverty all their life and one born with a silver spoon. The impoverished man when given that much money questions the wisdom of even flying, lest he crash and loose the good life. Man I sure would question the wisdom of racing cars. If I won the lotto, I don't even think I'd leave the house I hop he enjoys his time here, he sure ain't taking it with him. Maybe that is the point. Fine bit of choppage Doc, congrats
Congrats Pcrdds.... I really love your work the colors... Clean lines ,, and always funny..
His race was a blast, . Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny Parade on WALMART plaza (former red square) at Moscow

Parade on WALMART plaza (former red square) at Moscow

Funny Walmart Weed

Walmart Weed
Weedmart Lotsa happy shoppers, and always rolling down prices..
Member reactions:
Yes this is an upcoming industry... lets wait for it..... good job

Funny Steinway Bought at Walmart

Steinway Bought at Walmart
Member reactions:
Hi, I'm CannedBS and I suffer from multiple personality disorder. I realized a while ago I have no life so I spend my entire day talking to myself over the internet spreading my hatred for other people, namely the administration of Steinway who I hate with all my heart and soul. I hate anybody who disagrees with me and I prove it every minute. I figure since I have nothing else to do with my life, I'll keep this up until the day I die. That'll teach em. Oh, yeah great photo. I just said it belonged to Sonate.... ain't I cute

Funny Walmart at La Crau

Walmart at La Crau
Member reactions:
Excellent. Thanks for linking to the original.
Definitely one of the best in the contest. Congratulations on the bronze, Doc.

Funny 3rd World WalMart

3rd World WalMart
The new floating WalMarts will transform the 3rd world into a bunch of lazy, fast-food eating, tv watching, couch potatoes.
Member reactions:
. Great I guess I'm a lazy, fast food eating, tv watching, couch potatoe...come to think of it, I am...

Funny Walmart

Oh Goody. Patients can do a little browsing while waiting for their test results. Full View is a Little Bigger.
Member reactions:
That's FUNNY, I don't care who you are ... excellent idea
HAhahahaha. I can't see acause o' the tears of laughter. .
I'm glad this gives you all a good chuckle. We've all had the "back-draft-open-hospital-gown-omg-my-butt-is-showing" fear.

Funny R2D2 C3PO at Walmart

R2D2 C3PO at Walmart
How May We Help You "My name is C3-PO, human-cyborg relations, How may I be of service." Full View for extra savings....
Member reactions:
Everything's great (except the smily button).
Wal-Mart now employs only 'droids and passes the savings on to you.
Wonderful. The smiley is a bit distorted, and r2's water bottles need shadows, but otherwise, classic
congrats .......u did a good job.... nice entry

Funny WalMart Clinics

WalMart Clinics
WalMart is opening 400 in-store clinics. They are called "walk-in" clinics because no appointment is necessary and you can visit them 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While it only costs $65 per visit, Wal-Mart clinics make big bucks. Primary patients are senior citizens with memory problems who visit them 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to WalMart clinics and health care this lagest retailer may provide. We will also accept images of related health care products and drugs Wal-Mart may offer.

Funny McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks

McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks
Walmart, Starbucks, McDonalds, and any other store may appear in unusual places. Where will we see them next? Create images of any popular store in unusual places.

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