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Funny Walmart Pictures

WalMartFunny WalMart
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WalmartFunny Walmart
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World's largest corporation finally merges with world's oldest profession. View full & get a 10% discount

WalmartFunny Walmart
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Everything Islamic under one roof. Burqas mandatory for all female customers and staff. Shoplifters will have their hands amputated. We reserve the right to behead infidels.
That cracked me up. Are those Muslims beveled.
I used "emboss" on the burqas to add dimension.
Nice art work... But the shadow of the cars and the people are opposed to the shadow on the building.

WalmartFunny Walmart
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He gave me a cart before he took it away. View full
that's what politicians do "give & then take double away
He looks so much like Gomer Pyle it isn't funny.
I agree with both speedygg AND McBean. This is such a hilarious picture, too.
This is one of the worst attempts at using Photoshop to alter a photograph that I have seen. Take a Photoshop class. I give it a score of -10.

Walmart Greeter Comical AliFunny Walmart Greeter Comical Ali
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This is what you look like when you have FN forum status "Walmart Greeter"
Again with the nipples - sheeesh. Very well done - my only slight gripe is that he could do with a smidge of shadow under the hat. But nice matching - and very funny.
Oh my God. That's one of the greeters at the La Habra California store. Beautiful.

Walmart Nuclear WasteFunny Walmart Nuclear Waste
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The downside of capitalism.

Walmart Greeter PutinFunny Walmart Greeter Putin
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After much stress, Putin decides to retire early. Since he is so good with people, he decides to become a Walmart Greeter. This stress-free job allows him to interact with people and pass out little smiley face stickers. Watch out for falling prices.
i can't stop looking at this one... hello. welcome to valmart.
Later he got a promotion and managed his own Putinarium.

Walmart CouponsFunny Walmart Coupons
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A UFO At WalmartFunny A UFO At Walmart
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A stranger than usual customer at Walmart comes for a visit...

Walmart and Amazon screwing the CustomerFunny Walmart and Amazon screwing the Customer
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Walmart is robbing their customer of their hard earned money and their weapon of choice is the scan gun. How sad it is that not only are they robbing us but their laughing in our faces while the're showing us the middle finger at the same time. How many mom and pops shops have they stepped over, how many of their own employees do they mistreat, abuse and force to work for peanuts without insurance, without respect and with out dignity. How many children in china must be abused in disgusting and grueling sweatshops in China before enough is enough.. Go ahead and bow down to your puppet masters.... BUT ME AND MY HOUSE WILL NOT LIVE UNDER CONSTANT FINANCIAL THREAT ANY LONGER, WE HAVE SET OUR SELVES FREEEEEEEEEEE...... Let the ruling classes tremble at the consumer revolution. We the consumers have nothing to lose but our chains.We have a world to win. WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES,UNITE........ FREEDOM.....FREEEEDOM......FREEEEEEEEEEDOM......
Why pick on Wallyworld any store that uses scan guns is capable of anything Wallyworld is accused of doing. As far as FREEDOM you need to start at the top and oust everyone in politics and get fresh blood in congress, the senate, the judicial system and the (.)white house(.). By the way I'm not prejudice I hate everyone equally.

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