Walmart at La Crau
Walmart at La Crau
Walmart at La Crau. Original
Member reactions:
Excellent. Thanks for linking to the original.
Definitely one of the best in the contest. Congratulations on the bronze, Doc.

Funny WalMart Ship

WalMart Ship
The new floating WalMarts will transform the 3rd world into a bunch of lazy, fast-food eating, tv watching, couch potatoes.
Member reactions:
. Great I guess I'm a lazy, fast food eating, tv watching, couch potatoe...come to think of it, I am...

Funny Woman at a Walmart Checkout Buying Prosthetic Limbs

Woman at a Walmart Checkout Buying Prosthetic Limbs
source image
Member reactions:
The contrast should be dropped just a bit on the parts of the prosthetics that are behind the plexi-glass.

Funny Frankenstein the Walmart Doctor

Frankenstein the Walmart Doctor
Specializing in price rollback resurrections.
Member reactions:
Nice entry. The video image on the monitor is too sharp compared to it's surroundings. The masking is a little 'wide around his ears and there is something about the shadow his chin is not casting on his shirt that doesn't match the rest of the picture. There is a light source casting a shadow on the folder he's holding but that same shadow is missing on his chest and face.
Nice eyes. Took me a minute to notice them.
Wonderfully done image. Keb has some good points on improvement.
All fixed, thanks for the time to look at it
Where's the other earpiece on the stethoscope.
In his ear still. Must of been made in China.

Funny Smiley Doctor in Walmart

Smiley Doctor in Walmart
A doc that always smiles like that would give me the willies...nevermind the fact that he's yellow. Full View Please.

Funny Fast Hospital in Walmart

Fast Hospital in Walmart
At WalMart, time is money...
Member reactions:
I like the concept. Wish the source picture was of higher resolution.

Funny Walmart Operating Clinic

Walmart Operating Clinic
Member reactions:
The equipment tray should be reflecting the wall behind it. As it is now, it looks transparent. Also, the table, wall & ceiling look slanted and broken down the middle(like the image was cut & mirrored) and the rack in the back right corner is disjointed.....the wires don't match up.

Funny Nurses in Walmart

Nurses in Walmart

Funny Walmart Ambulance

Walmart Ambulance
Member reactions:
There's a bit of odd masking debris on the ambulance on the right....On the box just above the cab. And the City & State name is backwards on the left ambulance.

Funny Walmart Health Care

Walmart Health Care
Wal*Mart decided to take the "Patch Adams" approach with their advertising. You should see their new greeters.
Member reactions:
The name tag looks like it's facing the opposite direction than his shoulder.

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