Walmart. Oh Goody. Patients can do a little browsing while waiting for their test results. Full View is a Little Bigger.
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That's FUNNY, I don't care who you are ... excellent idea
HAhahahaha. I can't see acause o' the tears of laughter. .
I'm glad this gives you all a good chuckle. We've all had the "back-draft-open-hospital-gown-omg-my-butt-is-showing" fear.

Funny Groundhog Walmart Greeter

Groundhog Walmart Greeter

Funny Astronauts Christmas Shopping at Walmart on the Moon

Astronauts Christmas Shopping at Walmart on the Moon
Happy Holiday Everyone. please see the fullimage.
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WalMart: first the world, then the galaxy. haha.
unrealistic idea with an unrealistic reality.

Funny Keith Urban Buys Wedding Ring at Walmart

Keith Urban Buys Wedding Ring at Walmart
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A wedding ring like that is almost forever
I think I know where I'm getting my wedding ring now
Clever idea but reciept is dated in 2004... and no-one plans THAT far ahead... especially these guys.. And from a New Zealander, now I know that you can actually get EVERYTHING from Wal-Mart.. Crazy..

Funny R2D2 and C3PO the Walmart Greeters

R2D2 and C3PO the Walmart Greeters
How May We Help You "My name is C3-PO, human-cyborg relations, How may I be of service." Full View for extra savings....
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Everything's great (except the smily button).
Wal-Mart now employs only 'droids and passes the savings on to you.
Wonderful. The smiley is a bit distorted, and r2's water bottles need shadows, but otherwise, classic
congrats .......u did a good job.... nice entry

Funny Walmart

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the only store that helps you stay out of HACK..
Scary thing is, with the sucess that guy is having. His own bank may not be out of the question... good thinking.
The Waltons will be totally develish when they would do this. Hope this never happens, that family has got money enough.
Where spending all your money gets easier and easier...


Arkansas weighs in on the merger. View full, please.
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Funny WalMart


Funny Walmart

World's largest corporation finally merges with world's oldest profession. View full & get a 10% discount

Funny Walmart

Everything Islamic under one roof. Burqas mandatory for all female customers and staff. Shoplifters will have their hands amputated. We reserve the right to behead infidels.
Member reactions:
That cracked me up. Are those Muslims beveled.
I used "emboss" on the burqas to add dimension.
Nice art work... But the shadow of the cars and the people are opposed to the shadow on the building.

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