The Wall
The Wall
The Wall. Member reactions:
Why is that kid smirking. Good idea ruined.

Funny Canada Border Wall

Canada Border Wall
How else can they keep the riff-raff out.
Member reactions:
Brilliant idea, looks authentic. Congrats on the Gold LunaC, Fantastic Job.
Congrats on your win LunaC ,I gave you a 10
News papers usually donít fare as well as big magazine covers, even if done right. Congrats on beating the odds Luna. If I saw that in a news stand, I would have bought it hook, line and sinker. Not only is the paper believable but so is the story.
Congrats on the win LunaC, good one and looks great.

Funny Busting down the Wall

Busting down the Wall

Funny Pi Wall and the Traitors

Pi Wall and the Traitors
Member reactions:
I think you nailed them all Hobbit, with a great public service. Excellent quality work and top notch political satire here.
Thanks as always ReggieRey, funny, but I knew this would be at the bottom, did this one to blow off steam about the 12 silly Republicans.
Yes a sad day when this many repubs go against their own party. Pres Trump has exposed all these traitors and the swamp they live in. Thanks to you also for exposing this bunch

Funny The Wall 2019

The Wall 2019

Funny Merry Christmas and Build The Wall

Merry Christmas and Build The Wall
Give Trump The Wall For Christmas, Stop Blocking The Wall.
Member reactions:
Thanks MsgtBob. Merry Christmas.
Always fun to see your creations, liked this alot.
A real good one... Congrats and Merry Christmas
Beautifully done Hobbit and great message (Build That Wall) Love the atmosphere, Congrats on the Cup...
Thanks, HoHouse, Tim and ReggieRey, Merry Christmas to all.
Congrats on the Bronze. Merry Christmas, Hobbit. (:
Thank You SplatShot, Merry Christmas🎅

Funny The Handwriting's on the wall

The Handwriting's on the wall
Robert Mueller, Hillary and Bill Clinton see the Writing on the wall.
Member reactions:
A fine job on this BooneDog. like alot, especially in unresized view.

Funny Donocchio Breaks the 4th Wall

Donocchio Breaks the 4th Wall
I'm used to breaking walls. But now we wanna build a wall. It's gonna be great. And Mexico's gonna pay for it, I promise. Oh, my teeth are the best teeth. Everybody says so. They're the best teeth a human can have. And so expensive. Real wood. From the best forests in Russia. So exclusive ...
Member reactions:
Great photoshopping Icy. should have went higher.

Funny Kremlin Wall Cemetery decoration

Kremlin Wall Cemetery decoration
Cemetery at the Kremlin Wall
Member reactions:
Putin decides to skip UN General Assembly this year. He is very busy for Kremlin Wall decoration on Red Square.

Funny Electrified Solar Panel Border Wall

Electrified Solar Panel Border Wall
Member reactions:
Build that wall, Build that wall,Build that wall,

Funny Obama Wall

Obama Wall
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this Obama wall image any way you wish (image credit Pete Souza / US Government work). Some examples are - showing what Obama may have written or drawn on the wall, showing where else Obama may be signing, designing a poster with this Obama wall image, putting signing Obama into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Wall Street Bull

Wall Street Bull
Wall Street Bull sculpture, also called the Charging Bull, or the Bowling Green Bull, is one of the symbols of The Financial District in Manhattan. The famous 7,000 pound bronze statue was created by Arturo Di Modica and installed near Wall Street to "bring bulls back to Wall Street" after the 1987 stock market crash. The bull sculpture is said to bring luck to traders and stockbrokers if they rub it on the testicles. The polished shiny testicles of the statue is the evidence of how many traders and tourists follow this tradition. With the current stock market sell-off panic, we need to invite bulls back to Wall Street. Lets see if Freaking News can help make it happen. To invite bulls back to Wall Street photoshop the famous Wall Street Bull statue any way you wish. You can use the suggested Wall Street Bull source image*, or any other source image of the Wall Street Bull. * Thanks to Claire Savill for providing this photo.

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