Symmetric Christopher Walken
Symmetric Christopher Walken
Symmetric Christopher Walken. Oriental Straight-jacket
Member reactions:
Lovely...looks like a demented Billy Idol.
True that. Pretty twisted so just right for this contest.
Good caricature on the face and good looks posed on him
thanks. Yeah, I picked this one because he was looking down a bit

Funny Christopher Walken as Dracula

Christopher Walken as Dracula
Member reactions:
Awesome chop.... excellent caricature with fire and smoke effects all over the chop.... great lighting effects with candles glow in the night Nice idea to include the Spiderweb to create some mysterious night scene good job done
Whola.. Darkness in eye and black soul of thrilling man with amazing lights of smoking room is so brilliant idea and yellow - black theme with the shower of effects is mindblowing...and then his killing smile..
grats mate. Vampires rule.I love the colors in this one.
Congrats winning the Silver Ricky, with another masterful entry.
Congrats on the silver, Ricky. Perfect show of Walken's character here. He does resemble a vampire in real life a bit
Fine chop and a good catch on the silver.

Funny Christopher Walken The Vampire

Christopher Walken The Vampire
Member reactions:
Fantastic.... the Zombie looks perfect to him... nice job done in the blood sucking concept with spills all over his dress well done like it
Help not required Superb concept and very well executed
Gold Congrats for a powerful well done image Jeremix.
REALLY, REALLY EXCELLENT. I think he'd love it.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. I truly love this chop, but have one minor critique - Walken's skin seems to have a pattern of orange spots rather than being uniform. I suppose this was a side effect of hue adjustment.
Thanks. Newsy, i had a pic of lizzardskin and played around with layersettings until it appeared like this. I was focussing on the blue-ish vainy effect and only now i see the orange spots like you mentioned.
Well, that explains it then You did achieve the blueish veiny effect nicely though.
Congratulations, I love this pic when I saw and was sure for it to be at the top as u got Very well done
Beautiful job Jere, verry interesting skin indeed. congrads mate

Funny Christopher Walken at 70

Christopher Walken at 70
Christopher Walken, relaxing in the manner of a Georgian gentleman. Reflecting on how it feels to be 70 years old.
Member reactions:
Looks so calm and relaxing... looks good to even turning 70
Walken looks quite noble here. Quality work, Christine

Funny Very Old Christopher Walken

Very Old Christopher Walken
70 year old...and don't look a year older...Happy Birthday Mr. Walken.
Member reactions:
He looks now more than 100 years old... great chop in putting the maximum wrinkles to his face good and clean job done
and I was counting the candles now doubt he looks like he is blowing these many candles and its obvious to guess by his face

Funny Christopher Walken Caricature

Christopher Walken Caricature
Member reactions:
Thanks. I didn't set out to make him look like Anime or a Martian. Like Dr Frankenstein I just threw parts together and this is the monster I created.
One of the best photo-caricatures I've ever seen.
Thank you all very much. This is my first gold trophy and you can't imagine how much it and your comments, means to me.
Big congrats on your first gold... That chop was wicked..

Funny Christopher Walken by Albrecht Durer

Christopher Walken by Albrecht Durer

Funny Christopher Walken Baby in Cot

Christopher Walken Baby in Cot
Cowbell reference originally made in Saturday Night Live Skit with Walken and Will Farrell Christopher Walken wearing a "Fear the Walken' T-shirt.

Funny Baby Christopher Walken and his Mother

Baby Christopher Walken and his Mother

Funny Two Faced Christopher Walken

Two Faced Christopher Walken
Member reactions:
I like how all three eyes are looking in the same direction.
Man, if I had his money I'd have that nose mole removed, but we can do it easy with photoshop, right. . (ps. Good work.)

Funny Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken
American actor Christopher Walken will celebrate his 70th birthday this Sunday. His real name is Ronald Walken and through his movie career that lasts over 50 years he appeared in more than 100 movies, TV shows, and an SNL skit with cowbells. Walken has made so many movies playing psychos and weirdos, that many fans think he's really twisted. "I've always been a regular guy... and my birthday is just a day before April Fool's Day, so I'm not a complete fool", said Walken in his recent interview. To mark the 70th birthday of Christopher Walken, photoshop him any way you wish.

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