Dude, Wake The Heck Up.
Dude, Wake The Heck Up.
Dude, Wake The Heck Up.. Must be a good News Paper.
Member reactions:
Funny. And his newspaper image is backwards

Funny Bears Waking Up After Hibernation

Bears Waking Up After Hibernation
Member reactions:
Super Kewl, DD. The bears sleepy expression is priceless.
Thanks folks, really thought this was going to be a crowd pleaser... Guess not.

Funny Men Waking Up With a Hangover in Strange Surroundings

Men Waking Up With a Hangover in Strange Surroundings
The next morning....
Member reactions:
Works for me. I like surrealism. Because it doesn't have to make sense.
Good work in the background.... looks like a Pshyco thriller movie scence
Amazing combination of the Strange place and these tummies especially with Mask
I like everything about this one. It's so creative and very well executed.
Thank you Bob, Doc, Bunacode, NM, Eric, Rajesh, and SplatShot. This was one of those doodle chops where you just throw a bunch of stuff in and see what looks good and manages to tell some sort of interpretive story
When I see a surrealist chop, I know it's yours. You find the oddest stuff to throw in there. A master of sourcing. Congrats on the gold.
I wish that were true but coming from a master like yourself that means a lot. Thanks Roberto and thanks NM, Silvercanine and Icy

Funny Barack Obama Wakes Up At His Own Funeral

Barack Obama Wakes Up At His Own Funeral
Man wakes up at his own funeral
Member reactions:
Nice composition of Grave and Obama is being risen to care for Michelle good job and funny news
Nicely done, hidden great composition as always.
Another congrats for another cup pcrdds, love the type, it looks like it was actually stamped in the coffin..
Double Woody congrats ... and I see you we're runner-up to yourself as well.
Thanks, Billy Mac. Yeah, I think my evil twin entered the others.

Funny Wake Up America Propaganda Poster

Wake Up America Propaganda Poster
Missed the propoganda poster cut-off.
Member reactions:
geriatric, Goat, Rajeshstar, appreciate it - thanks.
Great Propaganda poster redone for the modern times. This should have grabbed a trophy in the propaganda poster contest.
Thanks newsy and all. I had a brain cramp thinking the propoganda contest ended a day later than it did. Although I am glad y'all like it.

Funny Long Mouse Waking Up a Cat

Long Mouse Waking Up a Cat
The revenge is sweet..
Member reactions:
Long mouse - will make several nice pieces when the cat wakes up. Creative chop
hahahaha many cleaver things in this design ... love how you create them great work
Congrats Marksdesign. This reminds me of the penguin with the cymbals and the polar bear...nice image
Congrats on the double win .. keep going mark
Congrats on the bronze Mark, awesome concept

Funny George Michael Rewrites Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Lyrics

George Michael Rewrites Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Lyrics
George took time to re-write WHAM as well as drawing himself

Funny Antient Mummy Waking Up

Antient Mummy Waking Up
This is Natalie Portman. Please view the sources to appreciate the work done. I wrapped her myself. Sources here
Member reactions:
I know who this is, your FN media folder gives it away I recognized the source straight up, gr8 wrapping with the bandages.
Kellie, how do you see my media folder by clicking on my source link. Newsy, is this supposed to happen.. (Thanks for the cool comments, by the way. )
Your media folder has the same user ID as you do matey
Yikes. Well, so much for using my media folder. . I posted my source to image shack and changed the link.
Not something that most would notice, though when I was at Worth I re-call they did ask us not to load them to MF for that exact reason. Now you're all incognito again
Thanks for pointing this little glitch out to me Kel. I had NO idea. :o
I have a BAD headache, let me go back to sleep.

Funny wake up

wake up
Member reactions:
Very nice. But, the shadows are too well defined, thay should be more soft, especially on the edges.


That's what she gets for slumming.

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