Vladimir Putin the Waitress Serving Radioactive Drinks
Vladimir Putin the Waitress Serving Radioactive Drinks
Vladimir Putin the Waitress Serving Radioactive Drinks. Mr. Putin and the Poisonous London Tea Party
Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty, not sure I get your point Luciano

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy the Waitress

Nicolas Sarkozy the Waitress
Member reactions:
Dog is fat, cause he's the only one that eats the cooking
I think I ate there .... the waitress looks familiar
Great.... Nice detail and good caricature done good to see him as a waitress its a really a cool job need to carry hot food only Good background chosen and nice sky
Fantastic, Phenomenon. Nice Cool Costume and nice color used very colorful.
A perfect lady with hot stuff, well I am vegetarian
I had a tough time with getting the colors right on this one...surprised it took first. Thanks all
hey teacher .. Big congrats on double trophies .. you truly king of fn .. most detailed works you do here .. keep ROCKING wish i get some free time to play around in fn ..
congratulations rain.... the colors are fun ...

Funny The Waitress

The Waitress
Member reactions:
It's the Candy Stripe Girl back for another round in the Freak Show Chop Fest. Absolute perfection.
Thank you Boulpix, Paul, Nepaguy, Geriatric I am glad you like it
Excellent, Everything is perfect all the best
Lots of thanks Disaterman, Rajeshstar, Balodiya.
Silver congrats, Lady Sunshin3. It was a close one.
Big thanks Paul, Geriatric, Newsy, Carl, HoHouse, Xaos.
Big thanks Paul, Geriatric, Newsy, Carl, HoHouse, Xaos.
Congrats on the silver, Sun. You are on a roll.

Funny Wonder Waitress Juggling Food

Wonder Waitress Juggling Food
Member reactions:
I order I order... if thy have waiters like that. Makes me think of how in some Japanese restaurants you can eat from a girl used as a food dish. Hey, check Pree in the bg.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, that's Miss Pree with "The Fonz" in the bg.
Yes, deaddog...Happy Days ARE here again.
No wonder this waiter gave you woody, Paul. Congrats. As a bonus you get a coupon for a free freaking meal.
Oh boy. A Freaking Burger. Thanks, Newsy.
Another teeth-rattling, death-defying chop by the infamous Dr. Chuckles. Congratulations.
Thanks, geriatric. Dr. Chuckles at your service.
Hilarious. Excellent idea and performance. Congrats.
, crazy idea. Every employer would like to have such wonder-workers Congrats on the cup.
Congrats pcr....... freaking excellent blend and awesome idea.
Thanks, Sunshin3...Thanks, Hitspinner...Thanks, Kellie...Thanks, salis...thanks, deaddog.

Funny Dolly Parton Beer Waitress

Dolly Parton Beer Waitress
Guess who served me beers last year on the Octoberfest.

Funny Flaoting Waitress and Dog

Flaoting Waitress and Dog
Member reactions:
It's a freaking beauty. Hint: full view.
I agree with Renegade, definitely looks like an Arizona chop to me.
Sure is a lot of great work all the way down to the busted telephone poles haha Very energetic chop.
playful image, I like the dogs expression
, I would have sworn this to be an AZRainman chop. I would have bet my left pinky finger on it. You must have studied under the great Rainmaker. Rain is this guy your Apprentice or something.

Funny Courtney Cox Waitress

Courtney Cox Waitress
Member reactions:
This is a really good idea--and an amazing set of gams (as May would say)--but the main problem is that we can't see Courtney Cox in the picture. I realize that's her face, but maybe what happened is that it's lost with Jessica being a blonde. But very good idea.

Funny Waitress Serving a Hog Outside Diner

Waitress Serving a Hog Outside Diner
Redux of Beerlslayer's Freaking Burgers with Nikki Cox as femme fatale hostess. Diner and Harleys source image. This image was done to honor Beerslayer's special request. To all: Please feel free to post questions about Photoshop, graphics, contests, etc in the forum, as others may have the same questions.
Member reactions:
Her skirt is too long. Other than that is a pretty awesome entree.
Hotness scale: VERY hot chop. Looks professional. Jeremix.
Congrats on silver, AZ. Please realize I didn't beat you, the combination of everyone else's images beat you - including your own owl image. I personally don't consider this a clean win on my part. (I do mean this.)
looks like a place from my childhood, awesome chop
Congrats to all who entered and thanks
Congrats AZ. Most excellent chop, I wish I would have had time for this contest.

Funny Sarah Palin the Waitress at Oktoberfest

Sarah Palin the Waitress at Oktoberfest

Funny John McCain as a Waitress

John McCain as a Waitress
You want fries with that. Waitress source
Member reactions:
I love the wrinkles on the arms and legs.
...Love how this souce pic pops up from time to time. Nice job.

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