Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot. Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Donald and Kim, wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives, and while waiting, they engage in a variety of political discussions.
Member reactions:
Thanks Splatshot and hobbit, and I thought the existential theme was too obscure for people to get.
Maybe an obscure theme, but I see expert photoshopping and a oddly pleasing image.
Well played. The muted colors work nicely.
thank you guys, this is a happy surprise.
Awesome composite, well put together. Congrats on the Gold, Vic..
Excellent work..lifelike and unreal at the same time..👍

Funny Waiting for Kanye

Waiting for Kanye

Funny Wait A Manet

Wait A Manet
Manet Original Mr Bean based on 'Mallarmé's cigar ash' by Édouard Manet
Member reactions:
Thanks hobbit always a fave subject our Mr Bean 😎👍🏼
Congrads on the Bronze Cup,now cut off an ear and start a new career.
, very funny and brilliant Bean caricature. Congrats on the Bronze, PShyst.

Funny Tom Waits

Tom Waits
Tom Waits interview on Letterman
Member reactions:
Top 5 in tough competition, but you doing great.
Fantastic as always Splats, Deserves a cup too.
The artwork is captivating and worthy of a cup. This was a hard contest to judge with so many great chops. I had to narrow the voting matrix to a pretty tough level.
Thanks Hobbit, HH, Reggie, Gummy and Hits.

Funny Grandma V.Putina is waiting for a call

Grandma V.Putina is waiting for a call
Member reactions:
Ha, Great expression on Old Lady Putina with her only friend

Funny Nikita Khrushchev is waiting to make a fatal shot

Nikita Khrushchev is waiting to make a fatal shot
Cuban Missile Crisis Khrushchev asserted, "I know for certain that Kennedy doesn't have a strong background, nor, generally speaking, does he have the courage to stand up to a serious challenge. But he was not 100% sure and ... killed Kennedy.
Member reactions:
So much detail and still not cluttered. This is hard to compete with. Great job.
Good one, congrats, ...but man you gotta learn about lights and shadows.
Yea congrats, but why worry about lights and shadows when scoring 9s and 8s with every entry...
good way to encourage people to get better Uncle.
the 9s and 10s come from people who know little of light and shadows.
Current voting seems to skew too high compared to the actual guidelines. I think people may be trying to be especially positive to attract more entries. I've gotten dinged on karma recently because my 6's and 7's ended up being too low (even though I think they were appropriate). In this case of this entry, I get the shadows comment, but it's stylized. And, even if the overall score is maybe higher than guidelines, the rank is appropriate.
voting is way to high on some entries, I vote based on my photoshop experience. This is a very good entry, wiold've been great if light and shadows mattered, yes it's stylized, but realistic and photographic, and without good lighting it looks cut out and pasted. and to New Jersey with karma. Vote realistically.
New Jersey = H E el el
Some real good choppers are no longer here, Hmmmmm I wonder why.
chops have deteriorated but voting has gone up.
OK I'm done ranting, gonna get a beer now.
Your right Vic, they know little of light and shadows but don't care about them either. It's favoritism voting and it's blatant and been going on for a long long time and imo the single biggest reason for the decline in FN. Fair voting is the most important piece of the FN puzzle. And without it the real good choppers are gone.
you make a lot of sense UC, too bad it's going this way.
I guess for an old timer like me it'll always be about "good" chops, the ones you go back to look over again and again, and say to yourself i'd like to do something like that.
I'm also an old timer and love those amazing chops of the past. Have saved many of these masterpieces to study and try to figure how they did it. And has great as they were they didn't get these scores. It was extremely hard to get a 8 or 9 and 10 was almost impossible. And it is to bad it's going this way, because soon this voter and chopper will be by themselves.
I was never very active on this site, a little too political for me, but lately even less and less, don't seem to like the themes anymore. Oh well everything changes and everything comes to an end.
Sorry wanderer for hijacking this thread.
Excellent composition Wanderer. Congrats. On voting it's blatant. When I've had top 3 entries that the first couple of voters place way down the field. Doesn't get more obvious than that. But I let the joy of participating override the sad background activity. I read on Wiki that FreakingNews was once in the top 10,000 websites. That's incredible. Not sure where it is now. Keep up the winning entries Wanderer. Good luck bud.
Looks like Mark Knopfler of Dire Straights. https://www.youtube.com/watch.v=OG__SwkV3wg

Funny Wait A Minute, You're Not Ben.

Wait A Minute, You're Not Ben.
Usa gives Statue Of Liberty to London, they keep Ben's clock and put it on Liberty, where's Ben.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze hobbit,clever idea

Funny Scheherazade will wait

Scheherazade will wait
Member reactions:
The tiger seems to impressed by the music

Funny Tom Waits

Tom Waits
Tom Waits - caricature portrait

Funny Hey, wait a minute !

Hey, wait a minute !

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