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Funny Paint Your Wagon

Paint Your Wagon

Funny Wagon


Funny Ford Expedition Wagon in the Wild West

Ford Expedition Wagon in the Wild West
Member reactions:
Ford should buy this design from you Brilliant photoshopping.
Really nice idea & chop. Is it just me, of does that kid in the back look like Enzyte Bob Jr..
Oh, My... not the Cowboys and Indians again.
Good idea and well done. Only thing I see is the mirror is covered up.

Funny Off the Wagon

Off the Wagon
2006: With U.S. troops dying in record numbers in the Iraqi civil war, the American public's disgust with the Bush Administration is palpable. Even with the president's recent admission (after the nation's fifth mega-hurricane disaster) that global warming is real and his belated move to allow federal funding of the new stem-cell cures developed in Europe and Asia, his poll numbers continue to fall. In the November mid-term elections, Cindy Sheehan (the woman widely credited with kick starting the anti-Iraq-occupation movement) is swept into the U.S. Senate along with Democratic majorities in both houses. Long overdue investigations begin in earnest, and President George W. Bush is impeached and convicted in early 2007. Vice President Dick Cheney resigns immediately (having already cut a deal) to avoid Halliburton-related prosecutions.
Member reactions:
Over my dead body would that hippie, al-quaida aide get in the senate.
Cosmic, I think it's more likely she'll get elected to the House. Pahunter, with someone like George Bush in the White House, how can you doubt that anything is possible.
raygregory, if you hate this country so much, why don't you move to Iraq, and take sheehan with you
Hey heckie3, back off...its a free country and just because someone disagrees with your right wing freak point of view does not mean that they hate the country....obviously its you who cant stand democracy...maybe you might consider leaving.....

Funny Polar Bear Lunch Wagon

Polar Bear Lunch Wagon
Has any one told the polar bears that politicians are more tasty than baby seals.
Member reactions:
Love to chow down on some oil execs myself. Well done.
Funny stuff Grump, and as George Carlin says: I need lots of this stuff.

Funny Fan Covered Wagon

Fan Covered Wagon

Funny Ford Station Wagon Hybrid

Ford Station Wagon Hybrid
Ford second edition
Member reactions:
great entry, this most be on the top 3, i love it
Part of the calendar "Cars without Make Up"
Good job adding the older Ford grille, hub cap & door.
how this get this far place from the top....... U know i sad this most be on top 3, but 13th...., this is avery nice work, sorry

Funny Wal wagon

Wal wagon

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