Vulture Monkey
Vulture Monkey
Vulture Monkey. Member reactions:
Shame it doesn't exist imagine a full blown monkey scream with this wing span comin at ya 😳 👍🏼
This needs to become a real thing. Sweet.

Funny The American Vulture Symbol

The American Vulture Symbol
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Funny Vulture Thowing Up on a little Girl

Vulture Thowing Up on a little Girl
Member reactions:
Halloween spirit, bay bee. I remember the source with that pumpkin stuff

Funny Vulture Wearing Clothes

Vulture Wearing Clothes
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant...thunderful chop direct to my fav+
Outstanding chop. Perfect under all points of view.
congrats funkwood. dan is the man. brilliant lighting and humor and details. 10+
Congrats, Funkwood. Magnifique. What DD and Jere..said. Super clean chop'n, considering the number of pigeons here.
Remarkable work Funkwood,congrats on the gold
Beautiful job, Dan. Congrats on the gold.
High flight chop, eagle eve and attention to details. Congrats on the gold, Funk.

Funny Vulture Cat

Vulture Cat
Member reactions:
Excellent, looks dressed for an official event.
Thanks Hobbit, thomas, balodiya, NM, luciano.

Funny Cat Vulture

Cat Vulture
Member reactions:
Nice elegant look... getting ready for a cat walk
Silver congrats, Evirio. Very nicely blended.

Funny Boy in a Cemetary Being Attacked by a Vulture

Boy in a Cemetary Being Attacked by a Vulture
Large View Model Never....dig for fishing worms near the cemetery after dark. Stock Images
Member reactions:
But everybody know you get the best worms at the graveyard.
You are right Gummy. Just make sure you get your digging done before night falls. The Vultures get aggressive after dark. Thanks.
Awesome composition using the sources.... great work and like the facial expression and the background well done
Great light control. Congrats on the cup SS
Grats on the twofer, Slatshot. Great colors and i like that dark moody atmosphere of both pictures.
Thanks termite food here. Thank you very much Jeremix...
Impressive art work. Congrats on the silver, SS.
Thanx 1 Million NewsMaster. Much berdulano Thank you MissPix

Funny Pope Benedict with a Vulture After Retirement

Pope Benedict with a Vulture After Retirement
Member reactions:
Excellent. I'd bring the Vulture's feet down somewhat or remove some of the shadow. He looks like he's floating above the bench. Otherwise, just wonderfully done.
Phenomenon. Masters job done Best of Luck
Awesome job Looks great with this caricatured face and his comparison with Vulture is great The Cross with roots and twigs gives a deserted cross look and excellent overall look of him with a big hat makes this image so fantastic All the best for your trophy
Yep, he is an old buzzard. Excellent work.
You only love the boys. Awesome chop Ricky
Congratulations. Why include a link that doesn't work. You should know better.
Brilliant job, Ricky. and great to see you in this weekly contest, not just in a Freak Show. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Barack Obama the Turkey Vulture

Barack Obama the Turkey Vulture
Member reactions:
Very well done with the Obama face as a Turkey good one
Awesome face expression. Luv the sheep in the background

Funny Obama Vulture Holding a Hand in his Beak

Obama Vulture Holding a Hand in his Beak
Member reactions:
I like it looks so realistic, great job Paul.
The turkey air force one is a great touch here.
Thanks, Newsy. You might be the only one who noticed it.

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