VooDoo Dr. John
VooDoo Dr. John
VooDoo Dr. John. Member reactions:
I think it would have scored much better if the cage was not there.


Member reactions:
Thanks. The first time I entered it my title was a bit long and not all letters would fit.

Funny Puppet with a Voodoo Doll

Puppet with a Voodoo Doll
Member reactions:
Ah the master is at work again I see. Fine chopping as usual.
Huh. What am I missing. 12. Beautiful work mate

Funny Marie Laveau The Voodoo Queen Of New Orleans with a Chicken

Marie Laveau The Voodoo Queen Of New Orleans with a Chicken
Marie Laveau "The Voodoo Queen Of New Orleans".
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, good to see ur success.
Hmmmm my earlier comment is not here... I really like this on. The fractalius and softening is so comfortable to look at. Congrats on the cup, andwhat.
Thanks Ho,Hit,Bob,and willie.Yes Willie its Angela .She played Marie Laveau in American Horror Story,Coven.Watched the whole season on Netflix and it inspired me
Congrats on the (in the cadence of Jimmy V) Bronze Baby.

Funny Michelle Obama with her Voodoo Dolls

Michelle Obama with her Voodoo Dolls
Member reactions:
Great Humor, Awesome. Congrats on the Wood.
Thank you, thank you very much my freaking family. It was unexpected.

Funny Frankenstein Gives a Voodoo Doll to a Friend

Frankenstein Gives a Voodoo Doll to a Friend
Frankenstein's giving nature is evident once again.He has always had a soft spot for little girls.Nothing warms a little voodoo girls heart than a new voodoo doll.

Funny VooDoo Coconut vs Tiki Tok

VooDoo Coconut vs Tiki Tok
Coconut wins every time.
Member reactions:
Where does this Tiki Tok hail from. I have not seen him before.
Ah, the Tiki Tok is Hitspinners mojo. But it won't be around long the VooDoo Coconut is kicking it's butt. I'm sure that Hitster will be along soon to concede that the Coconut has shamed and defeated his Tiki Tok.
Still awaiting his BotS debut (ha). (running away icon)
Some familiar characters here Decent work
Hahahahaha awesome. Voodoo Coconut brain-burn sacrifice of what looks to be that chick that is the head of the DNC.
Hitz.... Debbie Wash-a-Man Schultz. I knew that hair looked familiar.

Funny VooDoo Coconuts

VooDoo Coconuts
VooDoo Still Alive I went to Ancestry dot com and typed in "VooDoo Coconut" and all of a sudden those little green leaves started popping up and before I knew it I had found our VooDoo Coconut's long lost family. There was even this old family snapshot of him with his Mom & Pop. It said that his Dad was from Jamaica, and his Mom was from Haiti and that they were separated when he was very young. It seems that he washed ashore in New Orleans and was adopted by Marie Laveau's Grand Daughter. Our little VooDoo Coconut mastered the dark arts while living on Bourbon Street before moving to Kline Street in Lakewood, Colorado
Member reactions:
good to see the VooDoo Cocunut making into a weird family picture they look happy and scary
Thanks rajeshstar always good to get your comments.
Liked the chop and the story you wrote for it. Must say these coconuts make me go nuts just looking at 'em
And if you have a footsball team ya want them to put the VooDoo whammy on just let me know.
I want to know why they aren't showing up in BOTS.

Funny Freaking VooDoo Coconut

Freaking VooDoo Coconut
Police Arrest a Freaking Coconut This has to be the Freakingest news story I have ever read.
Member reactions:
O that story is too funny
Crazy News.... and it happens in modern days
Thanks gang I really had fun with this one.
That's not Wombat's girlfriend, is it (ha).
ha, don't give me ideas Bob. you know I'll do it.

Funny Michelle Obama the Voodoo Witch

Michelle Obama the Voodoo Witch
Please view full
Member reactions:
Great job done Michael as mother of all witches... and Obama is looking cute in Muppet role
Cool looks to the Real witch Amazing toys for Vodoo practice
Silver congrats, Hobbit. Clever and great work on puppets.
Really cool work Hobbit.. I like the subdued tones and colors...We don't see that enough. Grats on the silver..
Silver congrats, Hobbit. Really loved this one.
Congratulations for this black-magical chop

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