Rusty Old Volkswagon
Rusty Old Volkswagon
Rusty Old Volkswagon. Member reactions:
Like your Acronym RIP.... well done in making the body to die in Rust... good work on the chop

Funny Barack Obama's Old Volkswagon

Barack Obama's Old Volkswagon
Member reactions:
I can only imagine what's going to happen to poor 'ol Bo when he gets to the down hill pull.
Poor dog trying hard to get it into white house.... Beware of Animal Rights fellows... - Obama you are giving too much to your dog

Funny Old White Volkswagon

Old White Volkswagon
Member reactions:
Now its turn of Beetle put some colors to it

Funny Fruit Volkswagon Beetle

Fruit Volkswagon Beetle
Word Play on Fruit Beetle
Member reactions:
This is a healthy Vehicle.... No emission of CO into the atmosphere
...multiflavored car. i like Banana's shape and shadow very much

Funny Hippie Volkswagon Tank

Hippie Volkswagon Tank
Tiger tank manufacturers met with Volkswagen manufacturers.
Member reactions:
I love what you did with the old van. To bad all of the protests in the 60's didn't work out. Maybe we should get out there again and fight for peace. Well done.
Challenging work with the vintage photo source. I think it turned out great

Funny Volkswagon Notebook

Volkswagon Notebook
It gets excellent gas mileage.
Member reactions:
that's not VW, but WV i.e. delivered with Windows Vista.

Funny Volkswagon Dollars

Volkswagon Dollars
Member reactions:
Nice and balanced with the layout. Just a slight discolourisation to the area around the top of the volkswagon on the right. Perhaps the original background of the car. A monotone green colour for all the added graphic elements might have created a more authentic currency look but this is still a nice entry.

Funny Volkswagon Ladybug Beetle

Volkswagon Ladybug Beetle
Member reactions:
I'm new to this but this looks like a great job to me. Looks really complex.

Funny Man Holding a Volkswagon Logo

Man Holding a Volkswagon Logo
Member reactions:
reflection just a leetle bit too sharp ... tone down slightly for a better match perhaps.
The lighting on the bug seems to be coming from the wrong direction, compared to the light being cast on his face. Also, the pad of his right thumb seems to have disappeared into the vw symbol.

Funny Weightless Volkswagon Beetle

Weightless Volkswagon Beetle
Bet it gets great gas mileage. EDITED... Thanx for the critiques Mid & Skorpion. Full view is Bigger.
Member reactions:
Very nice image with a good feel.
shadow need to be more dark but still nice
Peaceful and lovely composition. Can I get a ride.

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