When MacDonald's bought Volkswagen
When MacDonald's bought Volkswagen
When MacDonald's bought Volkswagen.

Funny Volkswagen Tractor and Trailer

Volkswagen Tractor and Trailer
Member reactions:
Can I say that I love it. What a wonderful job you did on the source.
This is awesome.... great turn over of Car to a tractor good one like it
And the silver goes to the guy who sold cars in the winning chop. Silver congrats, DD.

Funny Volkswagen Divebus Underwater

Volkswagen Divebus Underwater
Cave diving in comfort.
Member reactions:
Amazing vehicle... good you removed the wheels also nice flood lights... very well done
Brilliant job Nannygoatman, one of my favs.
Nice chop and welcome back, keep up the good work.
Nice to see you again, goatman. Cool chop

Funny The Volkswagen Tortoise

The Volkswagen Tortoise
Volkswagen's All Terrain Vehicle... now available in tortoise shell
Member reactions:
This is freaktacular and freakabulous. Now we are talking real all-terrain vehicle indeed.
Congrats Steven Fine job, like what you did with the head too.

Funny Volkswagen Beatles

Volkswagen Beatles
Member reactions:
Clever. I always had this association too with VW beetle.

Funny Volkswagen Turtle

Volkswagen Turtle
I wonder if the turtle could win this race with his smarts.Got tired of the old beetle.Please view full
Member reactions:
Excellent turtle shell texture work on the VW.
I miss a driver i think. Some overheated cartoonish caricature to give it a feel of excitement that the race is about to start.

Funny Red Star Volkswagen Car

Red Star Volkswagen Car
Germany's Volkswagen made a relatively unknown special Red Star car edition.
Member reactions:
Excellent M. C. Escheresque pattern of hearts and stars.. Nicely done.
Fantastic composition in many regards. Nice communist touch
Thanks. It was the first time I used brushes that were not part of my PS program. I never realized how much fun they could be to use.
I thought your wall e would win. Made me .
Doxie was awarded the red star for this contest. Well done, comrade.
Jerry: THanks. jeremix: . I kinda like that entry a lot, too. Thanks for posting. news: HA.
Great freaking work doxie. Lots of effort and it shows. Be careful, the big leagues are approaching quickly. LoL. Keep on improving, love new competition.
thanks, kB... I'll never be in your class....but I can dream...

Funny Volkswagen + Mercedes-Benz

Volkswagen +  Mercedes-Benz
Member reactions:
this Benz is golden. Congrats on the win, JojjE.
Those who do not want to drive a VW shall not drive that's their damn right. They should not bother those who are keen to drive a VW. And those funny guys that made this drawing should remember that even Mercedes Benz did manufacture automobiles with tubular chassis, independent 4 wheel suspension, rear engine and streamline body - very similar to the VW Beetle, indeed. This is one MB 120H, and there are some excellent exemplars in the USA in selected museums. http://www.ganz-volkswagen.org/images/biography/Mercedes-Benz_120H_1931.jpg

Funny Mini Volkswagen Beetle Model

Mini Volkswagen Beetle Model

Funny Volkswagen Airbus 380

Volkswagen Airbus 380
Airbus coming in for a landing
Member reactions:
Cool concept. I would try to mirror the letters on the wings.
i agree about the text on the wing and tail...unless it's russian.
Thanks Hartman and KB for catching that in time for me to correct it.
Looks like a great poster - would even make the great advertisement for VW. I really love the colors here.

Funny Rusty Volkswagen

Rusty Volkswagen
This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop the photo of this rusty Volkswagen (photo credit: Tavogalarza) any way you wish. Some examples are - give this old volkswagen some tuning, design an ad with this clunker. These are just some ideas. This is a speed contest with just a day for submissions.

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