Volcano Stadium
Volcano Stadium
Volcano Stadium.

Funny Michael Schumacher Escaping a Volcano

Michael Schumacher Escaping a Volcano
Member reactions:
Worried to see how he will escape with the clutches of the devil good luck boy
Thank you Rajeshstar, NewsMaster and Hitspinner, these old formula ones are so cool .

Funny Children Jumping Into a Volcano

Children Jumping Into a Volcano
can i enter three in these contests.

Funny Watching the Volcano

Watching the Volcano

Funny Sumatra Volcano Erupts

Sumatra Volcano Erupts
Member reactions:
Fantastic composition and work on the faces. Mom's and daughter's faces are somewhat blurry though

Funny Icelandic Volcano Erruption

Icelandic Volcano Erruption
Icelandic volcano cast a shadow over April '10 travel
Member reactions:
If the ash doesn't kill the Polar Bear then the OIL will. Great work.
love it, well done..volcano looks awesome...
Super. The skull in the erupting volcano is a nice touch, even though scary

Funny Plane Flying Over Icelandic Volcano

Plane Flying Over Icelandic Volcano
Icelandic Volcano
Member reactions:
Love the full view. Excellently crafted and very news-topical
Awsome piece of work Xaos, congrats on silver
I was sure that only Ps-Monster can do that well done mate , amazing details in this one , did you hear about the second volcano . we need second design congrats on super silver mate , and keep surprising us with your talent

Funny Frying Giant Egg on a Volcano

Frying Giant Egg on a Volcano
"Fried egg, sunnyside up." This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License. Original (Vulcano) by Sam Beebe, image "Volcán Chaitén-Sam Beebe-Ecotrust.jpg" found on Wikipedia. 2nd source (Egg) by michelini from www.sxc.hu; royalty free. Please view full if you have the time - thanks.
Member reactions:
Sorry, can't link to the author Sam Beebe - link contains a "forbidden" character. Could an admin please fix it.... Thx
This is the biggest egg I've ever seen. This is EGG-sellent. Full view is a real neato.

Funny Girl on the Edge of a Volcano

Girl on the Edge of a Volcano
Like the fried chicken.
Member reactions:
that was really nice one homlok keep up great works
Quality composition, and very impressive light and shadow sork

Funny Maple Leaf Island Volcano

Maple Leaf Island Volcano
There's three hours I won't get back. Liquifying, painting, blending, sharpening, erasing, smudging, brushes, creating surf. How fun..

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