DC Volcano
DC Volcano
DC Volcano. DC on the hot seat...
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Monumental realistic job, LunaC. Congrats on the Bronze.
Good one, Congrats, some of them wouldn't notice if this happened.



Funny Eruption of a volcano in New York

Eruption of a volcano in New York

Funny The Artic Volcano Surprise

The Artic Volcano Surprise
Missing Volcano Sources

Funny mini volcano found in the Antarctic

 mini volcano found in the Antarctic
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LoL it's a wee bit cute

Funny Vatican Volcano

Vatican Volcano

Funny Taj Mahal volcano

Taj Mahal volcano

Funny Volcano Stadium

Volcano Stadium

Funny Crossing Guards Walking Through Volcanos

Crossing Guards Walking Through Volcanos
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This is truly impressive. You did a wonderful job with lights and shadows and the colors to bring all the sources in a harmony. Love how you used the DiCaprio source in the background The original you submitted is only 800 pix wide though. Please realize that we allow up to 500KB for submissions, which leaves plenty of room for big images (at least 1000 px wide). This beauty needs to have a much bigger size in its "original" link.
I understand, I've just had a hard time finding a higher res picture of Mordor
I've improvised a bit, to get a higher res image
return from the dark. I would add a torch to lighten the way.
Congrats on the gold, teschy. The edited version is WAY bigger now - a beauty.

Funny Michael Schumacher Escaping a Volcano

Michael Schumacher Escaping a Volcano
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Worried to see how he will escape with the clutches of the devil good luck boy
Thank you Rajeshstar, NewsMaster and Hitspinner, these old formula ones are so cool .

Funny Missing Volcano?

Missing Volcano?
This is a true geological mystery - a volcanic eruption that changed the earth which has left geologists scratching their heads for decades left scientists hoping to find the site of the world's biggest eruption. Locate this MISSING VOLCANO! Put a volcano (active or dormant) into a well known geographic location-it could be NYC, or London, or Rome, or anywhere! For more on this story Visit This Link

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