Volcanic Glass of  Beer
Volcanic Glass of  Beer
Volcanic Glass of Beer. BOOOM .
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Another reason why I don't like beer -- it has an irradiated after taste.

Funny Volcanic with a Face

Volcanic with a Face
This is how it all started... source
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If they tell me no-one is smoking is Hawaii, am I supposed to believe it.

Funny Tomato Volcanic Eruption

Tomato Volcanic Eruption
full quality

Funny Volcanic Stupidity

Volcanic Stupidity

Funny Fifa World Cup 2014 The Volcanic Games

Fifa World Cup 2014 The Volcanic Games
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lucianomorelli, good suggestion, too late

Funny Alien Volcanic World

Alien Volcanic World
A volcano is about to blow on an alien world.

Funny Iceland Volcanic Ash Art

Iceland Volcanic Ash Art
WEll, my first creation i Hope u like the reflection of the sun into the ash cloud at a diff location
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Next time check the Comments section, for tips, before voting begins. I would have scored higher if you supplied the link. Rules-Rules-Rules...

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