Absolut Knockout Meg Ryan in Vodka Bottle
Absolut Knockout Meg Ryan in Vodka Bottle
Absolut Knockout Meg Ryan in Vodka Bottle. Member reactions:
Hilarious and very, very well done. Where can I buy a bottle.

Funny Absolut Vodka Drip

Absolut Vodka Drip
"This actually happened in Oz to save a life, believe it or not." See story http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php.az=view_all&address=105x7018439
Member reactions:
Link didn't seem to work, try again:-

Funny Total Oil Vodka

Total Oil Vodka
Member reactions:
Pretty awesome. Dinos died because they were low mileage creatures

Funny High Grant on a Vodka Drip

High Grant on a Vodka Drip
An easy and funny way to combat panic, happy birthday Hugh.. Please full view.. 21 Sources used. -Sources Here-
Member reactions:
Amazing work putting the sources together into a harmony. The spilled pills are a nice touch
congrats Belez... tons detail great work.
that's was great friend , congrats on the silver , keep going

Funny Rembrandt Vodka Advert

Rembrandt Vodka Advert
Member reactions:
Hahaha, freaking clever. There can be only one Rembrandt.
The spoof is that this is a painting my Rembrandt Peale and it's signed Rambo. Also it's a fake Peale, nose is 3x too long.

Funny Russian Absolut Vodka Spying Device

Russian Absolut Vodka Spying Device
Please accept this gift of vodka President Obama.....
Member reactions:
Cleanly blended - the devices look real. Vodka is probably with a truth serum too
Really great work. Kinda makin me thirsty.

Funny Barack Obama and Michelle VIP's Vodka Advert

Barack Obama and Michelle VIP's Vodka Advert
Member reactions:
Oh please, Michelle O could only dream of having that bod.
You mean Barack could only dream of Michelle having that bod.
Hilarious. Reminds me James Bond style too

Funny Absolut Vodka Gas Mask

Absolut Vodka Gas Mask
Please view full to comprehend why this is the last 'gas' ... Source:
Member reactions:
How the 'please critique' statement became the source link I have yet to figure out; but there it is.
It looks like mine .... somehow : http://www.freakingnews.com/Try-the-new-mapple-flavoured-vodka-Pictures-69376.asp
MoD666, yes I remember yours ... perhaps it may have influenced my concept, perhaps not. When I went looking for an image of a liquor bottle the (link) was the clearest one I could find ...
oky man ... like yours . letīs have a absolut contest . )
Just so long as I don't have to drink any ... I can't stand the (lousy) concoction. I prefer Gentleman Jack, IF you please.
Hilarious. The reading on the new Absolut bottle is a cherry on top.

Funny Apple Flavored Vodka !

Apple Flavored Vodka !
Member reactions:
Nice I reckon the txt would go well on the bottle & did u intentionally spell maple mapple.
Kellie : Of course. Maple vodka would have a strange flavour, right .
If one (hidden) were to warp the text (slightly) to fit contour of bottle this would be perfect(er).
Warp applied. Full view to appreciate changes . Blending mode changed in some layers too. Hope you like this final (hope so) version .
Thanks everybody for critics and cmmnts.
that was amazing mod nice work as always congrats on the silver

Funny Vodka Advert

Vodka Advert

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